Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hey :)
Its been a while. A lot happened, but I guess it's inappropriate to write it here.
Anyways, I don't have much to say now.
Except that I had a very tiring day today. Walked around Sunway. NOT sunway pyramid. SUNWAY. It was for my photography class actually. :)
Then I went to Dauz's house. Hung out and talked. Quite a good day actually.

And here I am posting actually nothing. I have made a tumblr account. I'm quite curious, everyone seems to love it. I have one now.

Well that's it for now
Toodles :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Words of uncertainty

Hey people..
Well I'd rather blurt this out, be a little direct and at least clear my mind for a bit.
Have you felt like you don't feel beautiful enough for your 'loved' one? Well I do. I just don't know if he thinks that I am beautiful to HIM. I don't know if I'm attractive enough. I don't know if I'm special or not. I just feel ugly and unimportant not just to him but to anyone else I know. I can't help myself to think that other people have more attraction, have more beauty in them and that does slightly make me jealous. I don't know about you other girls out there, but this is annoying me. His standard of beauty is way past my capabilities. I can't exceed that. I can't be as beautiful as that. I guess what I feel which may be stupid but I want to 'satisfy' him? Well I'm not sure of another synonym that can replace that word for now. I just don't feel good enough for him or ANYONE.
In fact, I just feel that no one is proud of me for what I've been doing. This just makes me uninspired and discourages me from doing anything. I just have no mood to do anything. No inspiration even if I've flipped and browsed a gazillion photo's or idea's. My expectations are quite low for myself, so if I did something and achieved it greater than what I expected; I'll feel extra happy and I'll be so proud of myself, but when I share that happiness of mine. I won't get that same reaction, It's either an OKAY or ouh thats good.. or ouh okay lah.. or not bad.. I don't remember the last time I heard anyone say that they are proud of me. I'm not a machine but I do try my best and if my effort was good enough; I know that I have made MYSELF happy but I know that I won't get that same reaction. I just feel that I never reach their expectations. I just don't know. I want to be selfish all the time and want everyone to praise me or at least make me feel important, but I know that I can't.

I actually want people reading this. No one hears me. No one reads what I write. I want peoples reactions. I want THEM to realize and consider my feelings for now. Sometimes I just feel that it's unfair.

I'll end this for now.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


" How we could just go around shouting in public not bothering if anybody thought that we were crazy because all we wanted was just to see each other smile & laugh and that'd be enough. How he showed me a side of him that nobody has ever seen before - a gentle yet vulnerable side. He was mine, and with just him alone I was very contented with life. Because life with him was never dull, I had something to look forward to everyday, even if it was just a smile. I remember how we'd walk in supermarkets pretending that we were married, cooking dishes; doing house chores; playing FIFA & betting on soccer together.

I'll never forget how his eyes seemed to sparkle whenever he laughed or whenever we met. How our bodies fitted so perfectly together - hands & shoulders. How his tone changed when he was talking to me compared to when he was talking to someone else. How he always winked at me when other girls were oogling at him to give them a hint that he was my boyfriend. How protective he was of me when guys tried to get near me and how he loved playing tricks on others.

{ Le Love }

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What is in my mind at 10.20pm

Hey Y'all.. ahhaha
I just came back from Bangsar with sarah. Found this skirt and bag and shorts. I didn't have money to buy it so I reserved the skirt. For now.. Hopefully I'll have enough money to buy that skirt.
Had long chats with her. It's been a while. I miss all that actually.

College is starting tomorrow. Starting with only ONE subject which is Photography :) Hopefully it won't be a drag. Somehow I don't feel like talking to anyone, except people close to me. I feel lazy. I want to watch paranormal activity with my sister later. I shall review about that soon.

After topics after topics with Sarah. Somehow I do realize how insecure I am especially with my boyfriend I can't help to think that there are SO many beautiful and attractive girls walking around; stylish and some that are friendly. It feels like a trap for boys. I know that love conquers all but sometimes we know that some boys can't stop looking and praising. Who wouldn't want to look at attractive or stylish girls. Even I would. Then there would be jealousy, the most stupid and worst thing unimaginable. Of course there should be trust, sometimes we have to be strong and know that they won't cheat but on the other hand the other person should not abuse that trust of yours either. Maybe girls won't feel that way if people around them reassures them? Make them feel beautiful? Say encouraging words? I don't know. Well eye candy for all.

I have been delaying my blogshop for so long already. I have already made the blog

but I haven't posted anything yet. Well I promise that
I'll post it soon. I feel really guilty already :/

I have a feeling I'll be as spastic as Igor when I start my third semester. The camera is already heavy plus my handbag and I don't feel like bringing a backpack. I don't even know what happened to my backpack. I should widen my horizon with influences from different professional photographers. I do want to be the best of the best. Even though my class has many great future photographers. I guess they have their own 'style'. Maybe I do too? I hope so. I'm quite rusty with that machine. It's been too long since I handled that. I do need inspiration too and a good lens :p

I should go take a bath now.
Toodles :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rain rain go away

Evening everyone.

Today feels so grey.. Anyways, I watched 500 days of summer. NICE movie I might say. You have that desire of doing those things with your man. It's sweet but then the ending was quite shitty. There was a happy ending but before that, everything was messed up. I was inspired with his passion for architecture well when he started sketching. I bought a new A6 sketch book and I have a few doodles in there already :)

I really don't like it when I want a nice relaxing day then someone or I guess some people are rushing things for no reason and act all jittery and sometimes they start hyperventilating in the middle of everything. You get pushed around and being forced to do things you don't want to do.

I watched "This is it" the second time with Shaira and our mothers. I was still excited and was still amazed with the effort and his work. I wouldn't say I am his biggest number 1 fan but I do adore him. It is sad that he was taken for granted by people around him. Anyways, I realized after his death. Everyone started saying that they are MJ's #1 fan. Are they even serious? Do they think they're important because they're his fans? Do they think it's cool saying that? I just hate that after his death, they just REALIZE that MJ was an icon an idol. They regret making fun of him as wacko jacko, child molester and what not. I know some people are actually sincere when they say that they're his #1 fan, but I'm just saying about the other people. It's just sad and pathetic.

I need some inspiration to do my blogshop. Some word of encouragement? interest? I don't know.

Anyhoo, I was thinking.. what if I ran away somewhere unknown and not let anyone know. Make myself invisible. Not letting any of my relatives or anyone close to me know where I am. Leave everything behind. Everything I did, everything I own, everyone I love. What reaction would I get? Satisfaction? Happiness? Relieved? or even better; No reaction. Curiosity... I don't know....

To all 2009 SPM candidates : Good Luck! Try your best. You can do it :) A month to freedom! Make it worthwhile when you have the chance after that.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Blogshop header

Supposedly BIGGER and it does have a high resolution, but somehow this picture sucks ahaha
Anyways, this will be my blogshop header :)

(Fashion is a diet)

Monday, November 9, 2009


Evening everyone,
today is a sad yet joyful day. We finished our exams today and tomorrow will be our last presentation. Hoorah! for that. However, today was the last day 'lepak-ing' with ez :(
We had a fun time squishing in my car which apparently can fit 8 people. Ate at Boston and felt the Boston-like atmosphere but felt like China town actually. We were around Sunway. Then I went to USJ and sent her back. I hope she'll have a safe journey and WE'LL MISS YOU!

Anyways, semester break is coming soon and I have so much installed this whole break which is about a week or two. I can't wait to start. Probably building my portfolio. Developing my "skills" as a designer. Make a nice journal for myself. Start on my photography. Gosh am I so rusty in it now. OUH I will be selling my items soon. So check it out! Other than that! I'll be decorating my new room. So this will take more than a week but at least I'm occupied right? Of course I'll be going out with my friends which have been long forsaken. I guess that's the only plan so far. so far....

Till then..
Toodles :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dream dream dream

Hey hey,

Had a good day today. Went to Strawberry Fields,Taipan with Yi vonne for lunch. Ordered Cream Butter Chicken Rice. It was nice and too creamy; couldn't finish it. Yi vonne ordered this large claypot bowl of tomyam which was IMPOSSIBLE to finish. 3 medium sized bowls could only finish 1/8 of that huge claypot bowl. Like i said.. Impossible.
Later just now Yi vonne, Gordon, Reena, her two brothers, Naqib and I went for a movie at GSC. We watched "This is it" . MJ was superb. You can't describe how dedicated he was. Perfectionist, humble, thoughtful, loving, and a hard working person. You just have to watch it yourself.

I realized I've been day dreaming a lot lately. The good and the bad. Imagining sometimes a loved one would just sweep me off my feet with romantic gestures and wonderful surprises just for me. No fights, no arguments. Just two people in love doing so many things. Not talking just about one person but about two. Having fun even if people were watching us jump or scream in the middle of everything and not care where we were because you are the special one and no one else is. Having someone to be your knight and shining armour being there at all time ready to slave that dragon for you to keep you safe from all harm. Prioritizing your needs making everyone happy. That fuzzy feeling started building up all of the sudden. Then again I have been dreaming of death. Violent death. Getting hit by a lorry then die in a fire-y car crash. Get bitten by poisonous animals. Vultures eating your flesh.

Anyways, I just spaced out..
Till then..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Potato skins

Morning people! :)
Today is officially a lazy day and and and and and I am proud to say that I have finished my assignments but I'll just have to print my typography poster soon. :)
2 exams on Monday and my second semester is DONE!

I dreamt of potato skins last night. Weird. Now I'm craving for one. I might probably make some tonight :D
I want to go to cotton on browse some clothes and probably save some money to buy them :)

Ouh! before I forget. I shall be selling some of my clothes and accessories soon. So check em out and you are welcomed to buy them :)

Till then,
Toodles :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hello :)

The Internet connection is so slow and I need those pictures FAST for my assignment :S
I had so much to write but I keep forgetting because I was constantly interrupted by people when I'm on the computer. Which is quite annoying. I don't mind if you politely ask for the computer but don't just push me aside and directly telling me that you need it. Its called manners.

Anyways, I washed my car today. My Neo came back! I'm so happy and it is so shiny and clean. :D I was soaking wet and my shorts are still wet but I'm too lazy to change. The weather is somewhat dull today. I just washed my car and it's raining soon. -.-

I just find it sad that people nowadays are trying so hard to be somewhat unique? If you are prone to becoming a person that follows people then I guess that's your path or something but if everyone wants to be unique, it's just the same as following the 'trend' . I don't find myself unique at all but that's me and I just accept for whatever I am and people categorizing types? Are stupid. Trend setters, trend followers are just people being what they are. I can openly admit that I do occasionally follow trends and I enjoy dressing up but I know I can't afford being 'trendy' or 'unique' or even 'setting trends' so I just wear with what I have which may or may not be up-to-date. Sometimes trying so hard to be these kind of people will just loose your modesty and make you a self-absorbed, attention seeking, conscious person. Which I find it a pity. If you are naturally like that, then good for you; that's not wrong. I just find this annoying because I hear this almost everyday. People should stop trying so hard and just go with the flow.

My second semester is ending and I can't wait until third semester starts. I have only ONE subject which is photography! I haven't finished my digital imaging assignment but hopefully I'll finish it soon enough. Probably I'll post it once I'm done. I'm afraid that I won't create a certain 'style' of my own because in this industry people recognize you for you craftsmanship and personal style. Which I have neither one. I still have a lot to do and I'm procrastinating at this moment and I should stop.

I should go now..
Toodles :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Franken stein

Morning? Well it's 1am and I think I'll be sleeping early today.
Well I'm rather shocked with whoever is reading my posts, especially someone related to me..
Jumping to that, I miss my car and the stereo and the comfortable seats with good steering wheel. Although the gas consumptions suck but I don't drive everywhere everyday. Unless if i want to.
One assignment down and passed; 4 more to go. Can't wait to finish all of it. Took a day to relax and not do any work. Didn't work that well, I feel all fidget-y and scared.
Today is really cold and somehow weird. I can't stop shivering.
Sometimes, I do need someone to be there for me so i can talk to them about anything. My only problem is that I unconsciously choose whom to talk to. Sometimes I 'unconsciously' reject them in a way. Well from only one or two person I was more focused to talk to, became 5 to 6 or more? I wish to be there for my friends or whoever for the matter but its either I can't or its their decision to talk to who they want like what I said just now.
Is it wrong to literally follow what a certain person said? Or is it stupid? Not jumping off a cliff and all more of don't do or say certain things? Well it's hard to not 'care' but it does seem to not have a problem. So there are pros and cons, I get it. I just hate it being a one sided thing. Although I do feel like if I resolve this by myself something bad will happen. Cause that usually happens. So I am scared. Not now of course soon enough but not now. What have I become? :( Frankenstein? no feelings. Well I do have feelings but I just don't want to give a damn cause If I do, it won't be appreciated and giving a damn is a wrong thing.
Not logical.. I sound stupid. My head is a bit confused.

Anyways, I shall sleep.
Goodnight people, Toodles.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

24th of October

Today was quite interesting? I woke up early in the morning with shocking news, but I would rather not state it here.
Then I drove to Subang to see my dearest Dauz for breakfast. Walked to Stadium and ate their scrumptious Roti Canai. Then we walked to Melur, our objective was to eat something weird, but ended up eating apam. It sounded weird because it was in Indian and we assumed it was something we've never tried. Nevertheless we still ate the apam. Supposedly to walk back to Tanamera but the parents asked us to get in the car. So we did..
Anyways.. We hung out for a while till 1 then picked yi vonne at Putra Heights then drove to Sunway to meet Rifan, Sherrif and Andrew. After that, showed reza to my house from Rasta, then we went to my house while I changed to my baju kurung. Then, we drove to Jalan Ampang for Aqilah's open house. So you get why I was wearing a baju kurung, BUT I was the only one wearing a baju kurung. -.-
Stayed there till 8 plus then went back to my house. Now everyone has gone back home :)

It was a really tiring day for me today.
Well MY problem is.. Having a sense of jealousy. I don't get myself at all. Of course I won't say anything because its stupid and I'll be wasting my time. I feel sad that, there are people who won't open up with me. There are ways saying things but hiding something is another thing. I do have to learn to adjust and adapt right? Recently I have been talking to most of my guy friends and surprisingly enough. They have accommodated me with nice conversations and good advice. They've been keeping me company like how they would always do. Honestly, I was obligated enough to back away from them because I was scared and uncomfortable. Kept thinking with what people would think or Him. Not just that, I felt guilty talking to them because I had someone whom I love. Through experience? I figured out that he doesn't mind and he does the same too. This partially lifted my guilt. Probably. However! I am still confused with this whole situation.

I really want to start on my assignment but it's IMPOSSIBLE! I don't know what to do first. Not just that I feel so lazy. All I want to do now is laze around and rest and SLEEP. Sadly enough, everyone keeps talking about it which makes my guilt even bigger. Start buying materials... Horaay -.-
I shall post my Digital Imaging work when I'm done :)

Okay I shall sign off now.
Toodles :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

What happened?

Hello there.

I have come to realize that most guys or boys have the same ol' tactics.
Get to know the girl, be friendly to them, ask the girls questions (if they were fine, what they were doing, what are their interests, what do you hate, personal background) the girl would be the most important being in the planet and the most special too , then when they finally get the girl; everything seems to disappear and the girls would have to be accommodating or be forced to give full attention to the guys. That is when the ego comes and everything is a mess because the girls ego would rise as well. This causes fights and arguments. Sometimes when I think, it's a pity that guys or girls don't keep that constant attention or affection; the feeling of wanting that person so badly. Maybe increasing a bit but keeping it constant and fresh. That is the reason why they fall for that certain someone..

College time

OFF To college :)
What a drag..
(Thank God I have my friends)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Foxay laday

I feel like a sexy fox today. AHAH
okay.. don't mind me. I feel very happy all of the sudden :)
(Technically its a deer. )

Happy Anniversary

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Its been a year already!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I rarely talk about my work. As far as i know, I have never shown my artwork.
Well these are my most favourite.

This is my Digital Imaging class assignment. I did it till 4 in the morning.
Composition assignment.

Visual Narrative class
Card design for a New York Club

There's more but didn't save it in the computer.

Shall post about something else soon.

Toodles :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Words from my head

Been super duper busy. I've never hated researching about Greece in my life! I would usually be quite enthusiastic with Greek culture. Anywayysss... Let me update my blog. It has been weeks so I shall write a lil' something for you guys.

Assignments are piling and I can feel the pressure slowly coming up to my brain and butt. Well I have my friends t0 be there for me. :)

Guess what?! My hair is finally red. It is red. Yes people red.
but for you information, it does not look like hayley paramore's hair, or however her name is spelled. I am quite satisfied but I'm not used to it yet. Soon, hopefully.
Not just that, I pierced my ear as well, with Dauz on his birthday.
Accidentally ate tuna and eggs so my ear is really swollen and red.

Recently, I went to Darul's open house and on the way to his house; I got lost in his area. So I stopped beside a house and ask for directions from anyone passing by my car. So this guy passed by all sweaty because of him jogging responded to my help. However, he didn't really help because he didn't know the directions as well. So here was how the conversation went:

Me : Hey, hello :) Do you know where (insert Darul's address) ?

Jogging Guy : Ouh, jalan *** hmmm.. I'm not sure. Probably turn right here * shows direction to the right.

Me : Ouh, alright. Well its ok then. Thanks anyways :)

Jogging guy : Ok. :)

Well that was quite a short and boring conversation but suddenly! When I found Darul's house I parked at the side and walked to his house then the dude passed by the house and waved; I waved back with a half smile. (My mistake)
When I came back, I saw a note that says.

Hello, I'm glad that you found your address. I hope that we can be friends
Here is my number; 017**** please call me or txt me.

Ouh joy. -.-
That dude really has some guts giving a stranger his number.

I realized that, I get so fed up with everything; I just need someone to understand me and be there for me. Rather then, talking about themselves and not giving a craps butt about what happened to me. Not just that, talking about things that are not appropriate to me. Sometimes I can't handle it but just to make everyone feel better; I will of course act like nothing happened. Sometimes I don't understand; do you think whenever you talk? and doesn't it sound unappropriate? I just don't get it. This makes me so frustrated.

Anyways, I watched National Geographic and they talked about the park loosing all the trees and shrubs and what caused it. The answer was the Wolves. In the 1930's they hunted all the wolves and exterminated them until that species of wolves were almost extinct. Then the tree's stopped growing and the shrubs as well. Then they brought wolves from Canada and then finally the tree's and other species started to reappear. That sounded great until the residents near that area started to complain because their sheep's were gone and dead; caused by the wolves. So this is not a win-win situation. It's either you loose or you win. If you're lucky of course.
I am sad that when something good comes out of it; then people start to make it worse by complaining and making that beneficial for them. I hate it when that happens.

I think I should stop here and continue posting something else sooner or later.
So i bid farewell.

Toodles :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Questions and questions ..

Hello hello, I just feel like writing something other than doing this folio of mine.
I know that as the years pass you will lose friends and gain friends. Just thinking about it makes me sad. I have some older friends that still stick close by me until now and haven't separated since. However there are some that I'm quite disappointed off and totally lost contact and act as if we have never existed. I might admit, I don't make calls or invite for a drink but they don't do that too. I don't want to be the only person doing everything. It sucks when you realize all of this happening. Thinking of all the good days and all the days of hanging out. It's like they totally forgot who you are back in the days of being close. I just miss all that.

Anyways, doing all this Islamic notes made me thinking. When my Ustazah is teaching me in class there are some things which I question. I don't want to create any havoc, I am curious myself actually. When she says woman's voices are like Aurat, we cannot sing in public. Even though, if it is a Nasyid. That means we can't even sing to praise to Allah. Am I right? Praising Allah to the public may mean that you are spreading islam to everyone. That doesn't sound bad does it? She says its a sin. Okay fine, but what is she doing? She is teaching the public isn't she? She is teaching Islam and she is a woman. So both doesn't add up. I am here confused and dumbfounded. Not jst that, I didn't know that making sculptures was a sin? My uncle is highly religious and he makes the best sculptures. It says that, it resembels god's creation and it is like making similarities with your capabilities with god. Sometimes some people don't have the intentions of questioning god's creation, sometimes they just like making something as a piece of artwork for other people to see their craftmanship. I know that Allah understands. I just don't get it and I didn't know. I'm just curious with question marks all over my head.

I should continue doing my work.

Toodles :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm back

Hey everyone. I haven't been updating my blog post for quite some time.
Well, It is Raya and I went back to my hometown at Perak, Kuala Kangsar. Supposedly 2 days but ended up being away from home for 5 days.
I was at my grandmother's house for the 1st day and went house to house on the 2nd.
Then, my mom and sister suddenly thought of going to Penang. Slept a night and the next day, we were hanging out at the beach and went for a dip at the pool.
We were on the banana boat and fell 3 times in the sea and thank god for the life jacket I would have drowned. The sea + me = not a good combo. The 3rd time on the boat I actually hanged on and didn't let go, I didn't realize at first but then my brother and everyone asked me to let go. I was publicly embarrassed, but it was quite hilarious. This raya was quite interesting, actually. We were staying beside the Hard Rock Hotel and I might say that, That hotel is really nice and every 3rd raya starting next year, we will be in Penang just relaxing and staying in the water. I can't wait :)

I don't know why, but whenever I come back from Penang, I always get sick or get food poisoning. I haven't recovered from it yet, but surely I will soon.
I want to relax and not think of anything, but I want to go out, but in a condition I am in now, I doubt my body would let me.
My class will be starting next Monday. I don't feel like going but I have no choice. I realized, I left my pencil case in college and my print making too. Hopefully those cleaners won't throw it. Hopefully. I still have to buy the print making equipment and start doing my box. :(
I hate this. I feel terrible and I have to do all this crap. Damn typography.

Well, I need to channel this in a healthy way and hopefully I'll have enough energy to do all this.

Wish me luck.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Messed up plan

Morning everyone.
As of today, this whole week would be hectic and stressful because of the amount of assignments I need to pass up by next week. I still have the print making which was not done last night. I couldn't find thinner and shalack. I'm not really sure with the spelling. Anyways, due to my stress I need my support system which is bailing out on me. I can't handle this situation really well by myself. I know I'll get over emotional and I won't be as hyper as before. Probably later this evening, I think I want to go to the park, release some tension in my body. Saying all this won't make anyone care, so why do I bother writing all of this? Anyways, I haven't done my english report, islamic studies folio, mood board, principle box, and print making. Damn. I think I should start on my english report now, it is due tomorrow. I really need someone now to make me feel better. :(


Monday, September 7, 2009


An image or word that reminds me of my college mates.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Good evening/night?
Well, almost the whole class went an watched Final Destination 3d. Creepy and freaky and gory. Nothing special about the movie except the whole 3d effect. I mean, everyone died at the end, but there was one part in the movie, they were watching another 3d movie and ended up dying because somehow right behind the screen was this room and it exploded all of a sudden. So, almost all of us were paranoid and had images in our heads that the explosion will happen.

After the movie, Lawrence, Dadoo and I walked around Sunway Piramid and Lawrence suddenly felt a chill and felt something wet touching his finger. God forbid what kind of liquid sprayed on Lawrences fingers. Anyways, he told us and he crapped about the water is the cause of our death (in a joking manner) then ironically, we passed through the toilet then beside the toilet was a swimming attire shop. We were freaked out a bit and laughed all the way. All of us were paranoid after the movie, but it's slowly fading away. See how movies influence your thoughts and imagination.

Well, I'll have to sleep soon and read my Archie comic.

Toodles :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good habits

Good morning fellow citizens. ahha
Starting from today onwards, I shall be more inspired with everything and work harder.
I had a slight thought that I fell down the pits for these couple of months and I'm bringing it back baby! Shall start my old good habits. That feeling of post-SPM has been sucked within my soul after numerous telephone calls from my boyfriend. That idea of doing everything and no one is stopping you, is seeping through me. I feel rejuvenated and ready to do whatever comes to me. I don't know exactly what made me have this though, but this is helping me loads! The old Liyana is coming back and that's for sure ;)
And my number one frenemy is procrastination.

Well I need to take a bath, make the bed and do my work.

Shall post soon or not tomorrow.

Toodles :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Things to do ::

- Sleep
- Finish the VN work
- Finish the print making
- Start utilizing my sketch book
- Be Inspired!


toodles :)

Tell me Whyy??!!!

Today will be my almost last day of shopping. I just need a black sleek clean cut blazer. Just to make my outfit look better :)

I bankrupted my mothers credit card. I bought a lot a lot of stuff. I bought: 4 tops, 1 tee shirt, 1 dress, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of leggings, 2 pair of shoes, 1 necklace, and my favourite; sequined black jacket. :D

Yeah, and I'm buying a blazer with my own money of course. Pity my mom and sister. I don't shop like this often. Only if I have the chance and I took yesterday and today for granted.

I realized, if I step into a mall, which is just OU actually; my hands would linger around and press the sanitizing liquid to make my hands look spick and span.

Anyways, what I wanted to say was that. My level of procrastination is going up the roof and it's going haywire. I have to stop doing all this. I have to start doing my work and finish them on time. I have an assignment due tomorrow and I haven't started a single thing! Well, I'm doing as much as I can and try to make an excuse for tomorrow. Then, finish my work. Hopefully people around me will encourage me to make me work harder.

I'm signing off, taking a bath then do some of my work then sleep.

Toodles :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Past and Future

I went shopping with my family. Crazy I might say, but worth a buy. I am satisfied. Well, 80%
I just need those jeans and jacket. :)

Anyways, this has been running through my mind for months and months. I respect those whom are in a relationship but work out and be just fine with each other. I am saying as in, they act the same way as when they first saw each other. I regret making mistakes but I just miss everything. That glow and spark we had. Can old flames rekindle once it is blown out? I hope so. I love him more than I can imagine, I have done so many things with him and it has been great because I love spending time with him every time. I know there will be time where we'll argue and disagree with most things, but I remember us being juts fine. I thought of, why? How? I feel stupid because some thing can just happen so quickly and I wouldn't know how to react. I can say that both of us changed and some of it isn't a good change. Both of us realized that because that was what made us fight. It's because of the change. I hate change, I think we should have maintained the way we were and never changed. I'm saying change too much already. -.-
I wish I could turn back time OR forward time so we can be happy together.I want that beat in my heart beating 80km/h or my face turning red or my feet not touching the ground. Is it because I'm too comfortable with him? I do feel those, but not all the time. Hopefully, after both of us aren't occupied with our studies, we can be like the way we were. I'm just saying that I miss that so much. I even miss him right now. I am even thinking of me being really needy and selfish at this moment. Why do I even think all this?

This post was a bit too touchy. I don't know, stress has gotten me in my head I guess.
I want to sleep soon. Soo


Friday, August 28, 2009

Glorious Friday

Evening peeps!
August is ending soon and I had a load of dramatic episodes this whole month.
Anyways, I learned from it and I'll change whatever needs to be changed.

I realized, after not servicing my car and it is overdue; it is making weird noises and the speaker is sort of broken. I need to take care of that car. I've been leaving it and it is dirty, but I have to find a long hose though..

After my Islamic studies, I thought of wasting time but ended up making myself even more bored. I went to the library with naqib, intending to use the computer then after an hour he went out so he left me alone. At that moment, I had never felt that foreign in my college ever. There was this one group beside me, talking so loud and i think they were international students? I felt so uncomfortable and awkward , but to think of it; one of the group member was a tad bit too close to my chair and placing his hands at my table. Felt like pushing his hand down. Anyhoo, I went to the locker to get my bag then I forgot I left my sketchbook under the table. Went back to the computer lab with my gigantic bag and accidentally hit the computer down and it fell. The room was suddenly quiet as if you could hear a pin needle drop. I was and am beyond embarrassed and I said sorry too much but he didn't respond. I tried to walk as fast as I could after that incident. Hated the whole situation.
I think I embarrass myself too much.

I think my hormones are excessively flooding in my system. I feel : insecure, uncomfortable, emotional, tired, sweaty and fat. Darn these feelings. Imagine if I'm pregnant, I think it'll be gazillion as worse. Well, I just watched Labour pains and it is hilarious but quite cliche at some point. So I suddenly thought of pregnancy. I don't think i'll be ready even if i'm 30! or not, i'm not sure.

OUH yeah! You should watch this show. Darul had introduced me too. It is called.....
Salad Fingers!
Its really creepy and funny. Well you be the judge of it. There are 8 episodes all together.
So this is episode 1.

Well signing off!

Toodles :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Good Morning :)
I am really shocked with the amount of people reading my blog. I am really happy though. :)
I remembered making sure everyone didn't know my blog existed but then my friends found it somehow and linked me. So I accepted the fact to make posts and knowing that people from any country would read it. Anyways, I am happy it reached to a few thousand! Double Triple Gazillion SHOCK! :O
So thank you :)

Anyways, I just finished my Typography assignment and its about making a nursery rhyme book. This may sound easy, but it isn't. Anyhoo, due to researching for the cutest nursery rhyme, I have realized that most nursery rhymes are just WHACK. For instance, rock-a-bye-baby. If you read it carefully, the baby is in the cradle and at the end the cradle fell from a tree and the cradle broke. So conclusion? The baby died. Okay, another example, Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! The giant wants the break the Englishmen bones to make his bread. How freaky is that?! Little Miss Muffet is really teaching children to be scared of spiders. One more, Three blind mice, the lady practically cut off the rats tail with a knife.
So from now on, I don't think i'll be singing these songs to my children.

It's almost a week since puasa started, so far so good. No misses, YET. However, this is helping me change myself back to what I was and making me be a better person.
This saturday is the lelong lelong bazaar, I shall go there with Dauz and I am ready to shop for new items for my closet :)

I feel like picking up where I left off. Probably, start playing the guitar again and the piano. Using the dslr more often, start speaking french more often again, be more passionate with my work, start dressing up a bit, take care of myself. I should I should.
What do you think?

Well that is the end of my post.
Toodles :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


What up homies?! XD
Today is the 1st day of bulan Ramadhan, and I shall utilize this day to the fullest. Hopefully. Well this past few days wasn't that 'great' but I feel better now. My assignments are slowly piling up and I am procrastinating by the day and I think I have gold fish disease. Anyways, yesterday I went to college and we were studying Islamic Studies, I wore my baju kurung because Darul was wearing his baju melayu then since it was the last day before puasa starts I thought of eating a lot but I failed. haaha
I went to the cafe near block B then by 11.30 I went to fetch Dauz and he was wearing baju melayu too, ironically. While waiting for Dauz, Shaira saw me first and it had been months since my last meet up with her. Missed hanging out. I went to Subang Parade, supposedly to eat but ended up drinking Oreo Shake. Met Reena, Yi-vonne, Gordon and Renna's friends at secret recipe. We went back to Dauz's house by 2 then we hung out, I learned Boston on his keyboard then played a few songs then we watched Almost famous.
That night, I went to Shaira's Aunties House for a dinner/ farewell dinner for Adel. Talked to Shaira and while watching I survived a Japanese TV Show on 8TV; I slept.

That's it really, quite boring.
Shall write something more interesting next time.
Well, a few more hours to
buka puasa. My first day of fasting D.O.N.E :)

Toodles :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today was quite okay?
I came to college around 10 plus and met ezreena at the library, saw her doing her so called 'three' ducks. Then we walked around. We tried finding the student lounge, we failed AT FIRST. Then, we managed to find it. They have a piano, a guitar, a foosball table and a tv with a few chairs and sofas. Cool ain't it. Played the guitar, but forgot all the songs, except one. ahaha.
Learned a new song from ezreena on the piano and tried a few songs that I remembered. Then played foosball. That will be the first and last time this month. Unless someone wants to pay for it of course ;)
I am in a 'saving' mode. I have been spending a lot, but Saturday is not an option to not spend :p we had class and my work was approved by Mr. Ken. Went back home then Voila! I am blogging now.

It has been 3 days? Mtv World Stage has ended and people are still talking about it. Well it must have been great. I do regret not going because I had the greatest opportunity that was in front of my stupid face, but I did not take full advantage of it. Sigh... Kasabian performed. KASABIAN performed. I seriously hope that they will come again. PLEASE! I have that feeling of, in-your-face-i-went-to-MTV-and-you-didn't. I feel like punching their faces. I sound like I need anger management, I do feel envious, but what can I do? It passed and I missed the whole event. Pity pity.

Well, so far I used twitter and reading twitter from celebrities are quite fascinating. I don't know, it is slowly growing on me. Well, it is similar to updating your status on facebook with a little twist. Ya'know?
Anyways, I thought of so many things to write but I still can't remember it until now.
I need to get rid of this gold fish memory.

Toodles :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cooperate PEOPLE!

Hey hey,
I just came back from a futsal game.
Anyways, my housing area (Jalan Datuk Sulaiman) started a group called JDS. Every lane has their own group. JDS, JDS 3 and JDS 4. My lane, JDS 4 has residents whom do not want to cooperate and act like little kids. The reason why JDS started a group was because, we started using security guards after numerous house break-ins and robbery. So, JDS thought of hiring security guards to handle the situation. Of course, there were some procedures and everyone had to pay. However, some residents did not want to cooperate and start harrasing the JDS group mail. Spamming the inbox using vulgar language, not just that, making childish names and sueing the committee. There is a reason why the group discussed on using a security guards. It was for our own safety and there had been too many cases; I could say I am one of them. It would be a hassle for visitors to come because they would have to register and stop at the guard house, but it's for our own good. I don't understand why they don't get that.

Well, I am signing off, i smell really bad. :S


I have a twitter account. Never thought I'd do it. Seriously. -.-

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday blues

Here goes a pessimistic Sunday..
I can't deal the fact that after numerous discussions, the mistake repeats itself again and again and again. I hate that, it feels like a lie. It feels like I am no more important. I see it as if I am just a toy with extremely imbalanced hormones with excessive emotions. I feel so weak. I feel so stupid. I feel so lonely. Gosh.. This is just sad. Its so pathetic.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Decisions decisions

Hey people,
excited for tomorrow? I bet some of you guys are and I am talking about Mtv World Stage. I was surprised at the last minute, miracles started to happen. My cousin offered free tickets and my friend Daryoosh had extra tickets which was about Rm150 and Ezreena wanted to give her ticket too. Sadly to say, I turned all of them down. I had a few reasons.
Numero Uno : The line will be extremely long and I would have to wait there for a few hours to get in. Second : It will be very packed and I wouldn't be able to breath. Trois : I bet there will be sick people somewhere in the crowd. Fourth : I want to watch Kasabian ONLY; so it's as good as wasting my time there. Fifth : I have other plans that might or might NOT happen. So to make my life easier, I decided to not go. Hopefully, I won't regret this decision I made.

My brain is malfunctioning and it is not working that well. Stupid typo. I am out of ideas. Most of the pages are the same images composed at different corners or angles.

My new neighbour whom is living right behind my house, has a dog. A cute one actually, but they're not taking of him/her that well. It barks every time and when it rains, it'll be soaking wet and it'll bark even more. Not just that, they chain him/her, even though the dog is at the back. No freedom at all. I pity the dog, if only I can help. :(

I miss my dad :(

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I watched 3 movie's this August.
but I liked Conversation with Other Women.

It's about this old lovers and 'ironically' they met at a wedding. At the beginning, they looked like strangers wanting a one night stand, but then after a few more minutes, you finally get that they knew each other 10 years ago. I liked the way the movie was shot. It was 2 different shots side by side, relating to each other somehow. At the end, it connected. So that means, the whole 1 hour plus, has 2 different shots side by side. It was mainly shot in the hotel. Focusing just the two of them. Both loved each other deeply because of their past history but both of them moved on, and has a husband with 2 children which is actually his and he has a girlfriend. They did take it to the next level during the night but that did not decide them to stay together. At the end, they split up eventually. It was a one day shot.
I liked it somehow. The sarcasm, the jokes was entertaining.

Hair People

Hello there,
I actually have loads to write about, but I remember only 50% of it.
Anyways, recently I've been going to this salon called cuckoo? (If I'm not mistaken) quite often.
Meaning twice in 2 weeks? but of course I washed my hair once and the other trip was to follow my friend cut her NEW & AWESOME haircut :)
I stumbled upon a hair washer, and talked to him. However, it felt like an unprofessional and an uncomfortable vibe. The first trip was fine, felt very I'm-talking-to-a-hair-washer-vibe. Then the other trip was a biiiit fishy. Let me re-play the conversation

(After saying Hello and asking how we were)
Hair Washer said: Kenapa tak nak cuci rambut?
Liyana said: Tak de duit la, my mom gave me only Rm50 for this WHOLE week for everything.
Hair Washer said: Alaaah, boleh pinjam duit from me maa.
Liyana said: What?! Buat apa. *With a shocked face
Hair Washer said: Kenapa mak kamu tak nak pinjam dari Ah Long?
**I merely said, I don't trust an Ah Long
Liyana said: Tak Nak lah
** Before I wanted to say I didn't trust an Ah Long
Hair Washer said: Saya Ah Long maa, boleh pinjam dari saya. Boleh pinjam Rm 50 sekarang?
Liyana said: tak pe tak pe tak pe.
**Then I tried to ignore him due to feeling of uncomfortable -ness from the whole situation

After a few days, we bumped into him at Chanai at SS15. I didn't want to be rude, so I smiled and waved at him.

Yi vonne and I were eating and talking. Then he interupted us by asking both of us if we could go out to a club with him that night. My answer, without a doubt was a NO. I said no a couple of times, but he kept asking me again and again. I gave him so many excuses, but somehow he was stubborn. Then he said, if anything I'll contact you. At that time, I didn't remember giving him my phone number or e-mail and I was sure about it. Then I forgot, I signed up the registration form to get discounts whenever I want to cut or wash my hair. Plus, my address was there too. Damn.. :S

To top it off, I told My boyfriend. Mr. Dauz the whole thing and he is pissed. He wants to burn the salon. Which I find it cute. :)

PS: I'm not trying to be so 'bangga' right now. I know How you feel okay?? and mine is triple gazzillion worse than yours.

The only reason why I wrote this was that, if you work for the salon, sometimes its best if you keep it as a client relationship. I don't feel that it is professional to ask girls out to a club and you don't even KNOW them. It doesn't really show a good side of you. In a way. Well, I don't like it. It feels extremely bizzare for me.
-Don't compare Jessica Simpson and her hairdresser. That's different.

I wanted to write more, but it seems that this post is really long. I think I'll write it on my next blog post. Soo...

Toodles :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I need money and I'm hungry
Falling money and burgers in the air is fine :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hey there,
No hope going to the Mtv world stage, not enough tickets sold. I wanted to, just because Kasabian will be performing. Love their songs; its fantabulous. I'll miss another band that I like. Well, I never have luck when it comes to these events. So I shoudn't bother trying. So I will be having a dull August, not going out for Merdeka either. I'll probably stay at home. I'm not sure about that. I think I am just boring. Urrrghhhh, I hate myself for that. 

I feel that, I am indirectly pressured to loose weight. I want to, it's not that I want to be fat. I feel awful, but my conscience forces me not to eat, which I do not support at all. This brings me down and I feel that people might think that excess weight is equivalent to someone whom does not have the beauty outside. Get what I mean? It's true that it is best to have the beauty inside, but to me being fat or oversized shouldn't be uncomfortable with their own self. Most men would say, you are beautiful on the outside (to a more thinner person) but when they are oversized they wouldn't really say that. If they are oversized living in a healthy lifestyle, it's better than being stick thin living unhealthy. However, I still feel uncomfortable with myself around anyone. 

I hate being compared to anyone. Especially, comparing my flaws. I don't like the feeling of being compared materialistically, I am not rich, I am not an "anak datuk". I may have a title but it does not mean I have to show it to the world to announce my status. I do not even have a status and I am partly equal with anyone, anywhere. There are times where I spend on a few things or food but I don't show off and brag to everyone. Sometimes I'm happy getting those things and I want to share my happiness with some of my friends but there are certain limits where it sounds like I purposely make you jealous. I don't want that and I actually don't like that. I don't get people,  bragging about everything. It's good that you're proud of yourself but it does have that in-your-face vibe and a I'm-better-than-you vibe too. What about a bit of modesty? That will be perfect.

My mom found out, I took money out of the ATM and I was busted. Well it was for the car, food and parking. I take out maximum Rm200 and not more than that. Well I can never get away with anything when it comes to my mother.
I was thinking.. how lazy and boring I am, is killing the people around me because I'm no fun. It's not that I planned to do that, I'm just tired and bored with what I do. I don't have that quirkiness. Actually, I was like this since I was a kid; my little nieces and nephew's would make me play games that I loath and I end up giving up at the end and disappointing them. Even if they asked me to play games that I like, I'll play for 5 minutes, then I'll stop or if they ask me to go run around with them, my answer will always say NO. I guess this is happening without me realizing. 
Now.. What do you think about me?

Signing off...

Friday, August 7, 2009

My thoughts at 7.16pm

Hey there,
I remembered those cam-whoring days. I still do that, but occasionally. I did that quite often actually. Every minor thing that I did, I MUST take a picture of myself. How vain can I get. No offense to anyone out there. To think of it, I rarely use the camera. I seem to be more lazy by the minute.

I can't control the need of being pessimistic and thinking everything will turn wrong and will go against me. Although some of those things are direct and true, I still overreact or get emotional too fast. Even that, I still need the comfort from my loved ones and respect. Understand how I am. Its hard to not think about it. I can forget about it for a week or so, but it'll come back. As what my mom said "The girls in our family are strong and dominant, and we can go through any obstacles". Well I hope that's true.

This August, my friends and I are planning on a day trip to Perak. Probably go to Kellie's Castle. They say its haunted and I am bringing my camera, that's for sure! The trip will probably be on the 20th. AND on the 29th of August.

We are going shopping! I am buying lots of items. Can't wait! Thank god its near my college.
We'll go there after digital imaging :D

Today, we didn't have class, due to the absence of my ustazah or ustaz. I am not sure, because they have never attended to any classes. Anyways, I ate a lot today. Yi vonne, Reena, Yi vonnes friends, their respective boyfriends and me ate at papa rich. It was expensive like hell. After that, Reena followed me to Pyramid to buy some things for Dauz. We sat at McD and ordered 2 milkshakes. Made the packet in 30min plus decorating and putting the things in. I bought voodoo beaded necklace with a 'sort of' matching earing that he did not have. Let's say it was a start over again gift. Went to his house and gave him the packet. Then, I went back at 5.

I guess I need a rest, and I need to sleep early today. I have to wake up early in the morning so that, I get a good computer seat tomorrow for digital imaging.

Toodles :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Old flames rekindle

I want this when I grow old.

Sick Homo Sapien

I can't stand the heat and the haze. Its terrible. I'm not feeling that well and I'm assuming it's not H1N1. I had difficulty breathing and my head was spinning and it felt heavy.
Even though I'm sick, I still feel it isn't right not going to college. I have Tech English and Visual Narratives. Damn I'll miss my first class of english with our new lecturer. Well, I think I should eat something before I faint.


Saturday, August 1, 2009


Every relationship isn't perfect. You can never have that Cinderella moment every second. I am going through so many obstacles, I always get stuck in between alone and usually end up feeling depressed or useless. I can't deny that I knew this was happening but I blindly went into it and expected no flaws. I was wrong and stupid. I have my ups and my downs, it's just confusing. The feeling of me being the dragon and him being the normal one kept me thinking. Why do I have such temper? I never had that during the early years. I can't control it, it comes naturally and eventually feeling guilty at the end. I don't shout and scream, but I become emotional and moody. It looks like I'm expecting too much. My boyfriend has his exams coming up, so everyone insists on telling me to give in for this few months. Of course, I shall follow it. Probably I'll shed some tears, my heart feeling fragile, as if it will break anytime soon. I think too much.. I ask advice from my friends and most of them tell me its not my fault and I should tell him about how I feel. I mean that is the right solution but It's better to keep it and let it go. It'll be very hard for me, but I am forced to do such actions. Sometimes, I want to be the girl in the relationship. As in fully 100% girl, being such that he becomes the gentlemen. Dream on... I am so confused, sometimes I'll stop and think, Should I act this way? This happens most of the time. This is when I go to my friends and ask for help. My friends are really there for me, I'm really happy that they are there to support me in any way.
Would you agree, that you would want to start all over again and reverse time to regain back those days with no problems and you would act so lovey dovey in front of everyone without feeling disgusted? I would, sometimes when I'm out with him, I want that to happen; but it looks so impossible. I love him to the fullest, I love him everyday; but I struggle whenever something happens and I wouldn't know what to do. I'll be so scared making the wrong decisions. I am sacrificing my time, my love, my trust and my patience for him at the moment. I should let him go. His choice to not be with me and choose his friends if he has to make himself more relaxed. I'm out of ideas to make this work. It is not as bad as it sounds, but somehow it's mentally challenging me. Ouh well...



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Just Knew That, Lotus is owned by Proton.

(Siapa yang tak tau, jgn buat2 tau) AHAH

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Skin and Mouth

Hello all,
Today is a Sunday..
I'm starting my second semester tomorrow. I have checked my schedule and I have class on Saturday :(
I have 4 hours of Digital Imaging on a Saturday. Can't it get any worse.
Hope my second semester is great

Recently, I bumped into so many whitening cream advertisements. I do not know why people are not happy with their skin colour. Minus the pores, white heads, black heads, pimples, etc.... but everyone wants to change their skin colour. People whom have lighter skin want a more tanner tone and those who have darker skin wants lighter tones. I understand if it's uneven but if you have a natural skin colour, dark or light; you should embrace it no matter what. In Malaysia, it is rare for a commercial advertising a tanning lotion or spray; but whitening cream/ facial wash; a lot of people would actually buy it. It's like you're being a prejudice to yourself. You don't accept your skin colour or probably you're uncomfortable or unhappy with your skin colour. We were born that way. This is my point of view of what I think about people wanting to be fairer or tanner but I am relatively dark but I'm ok with it. I don't care if you use 10 different types of whitening cream, that's your problem; but I'm just saying that you should be proud with your own skin.

Anyhoo... This morning I went to Ica's sister's wedding, Met my old school mates. Missed them to bits! Talked and I sent Yan home after a long talk about how unhappy we were for the Ministry of Education changing Science and Math from English to Malay. Well I think that decision is STUPID. English is a world-known language, it is easier to communicate with other people from other countries. Probably they think that talking more malay would make us more nationalistic or whatever; but it would make the younger generations be the exact same. Even if you learn Malay in secondary or primary school you STILL have to learn Math and Science in english in the college (if you take courses that need those subjects)
I don't know why does it matter learning math and science in malay. It is a waste of time. Most reference books are in english. You have to try your best to learn english and not be stubborn. I don't know..

Well I'm just yapping to much. Signing off...

Toodles :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Danced till the Night away

Good morning for those who had just woke up, like me :)
Starting my second semester next Monday; Happy yet sad. Not enough rest and 'holiday' for me.
Met my colleagues in the past few days and we were planning our July Intake lunch orientation. Thank god for the good respond from our 'juniors'. Well I bet most of them are older than me, but I am just metaphorically saying. I visualize a good year for me throughout this whole course. AHAH

Well yesterday I went out with the girls. Had gotten approval from my mother, my sister and my boyfriend. So I went out guilt free. :)
The first place we wanted to go to was MOS but we had some problems and it was bloody packed. Even though it was ladies night, there was quite a lot of dudes walking in.
Then we went to coco banana. Less people, but the songs weren't that great. Met a few of our college mates, hung out with them. Danced till the night away..
At 11.30 something, they had really bad performances. The singing was just ouh kay but after that, they had this group of performers. They were literally having sex on the dance floor. Sick much. They weren't even good at dancing, there was no originality. They had cages with ropes for them to play, wore slutty clothes and the dudes took off their shirts.
Not just that, they looked like shedicks and guygina's.
Sorry for my vulgar language but I wasted 30 minutes waiting for the music to come back.
Thank god it was free.

Anyways, I need to take a bath.
Signing off..
Toodles :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Suck at Futsal, but Working on it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

What is on my mind at 11.53am

I remembered the list of things I wanted to do after my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia had ended. I had failed to accomplish even 50%. I can probably say that the longer it is, I crave for something different. I prefer lazing around and hanging out with my mates. I had high expectations of myself, to think of it; it is quite unethical. I know myself and I know that at some point, I will still be the same person 18 years ago. Not as a kid, but being lazy and procrastinating. I wonder what I do late at night. I don’t get enough sleep, I am tired most of the time. I have class, I have outings but that’s just it. Not including the renovation and all but I am not doing anything valuable. Most likely, I'll write a whole essay saying how to turn over a new leaf. I don't know the whole purpose of that now.

Anyways, there are too many network sharing websites; it's being a bit overrated. They are literally copying each other and loosing its originality. There is no fun in adventuring something new and figuring out how it works. BUT without it, I'll be bored to death. So, hopefully the websites can reinvent something original and make everyones time worthwhile.

$$Money$$ is so stupid. I am broke and I have no money to eat. I depend on it too much. I have to manage my money wisely. Eat cheaper food and no shopping, don't go out so much. I spend about Rm65 just for gas. Sigh.. disadvantage of driving.

Well I have nothing else to write..

Signing off...

Toodles :)