Friday, May 2, 2008


The feeling of freedom may no longer be in my dictionary. As it haunts me day and night.
After the 'incident', I've been more secured more observant which also helps in a way;
but it scares me, anything can happen nowadays. You can't be carefree and clumsy, Being lonely in the house creeps me out. I'll be so paranoid, it makes me literally hide in a box and not come out. Well I don't really have a box that can fit me, but I still have a point to prove IF you know what I mean, I'll be holding my pepper spray, phone and slugger for my own safety. I feel so retarded. :/
Sometimes I just need someone there to be with me. I'm a chicken so yeah. Sigh. Stupid people, they have NO moral whatsoever! Jackasses. They made me put a "GRILL" in my house. Losers.
I'm even holding a slugger now, and pepper spray right beside me with my phone which has the police on speed dial. I saw a creepy man passing by my house a few times, such bad memories. I can't even breath properly now. Adrenaline..