Friday, October 30, 2009

Franken stein

Morning? Well it's 1am and I think I'll be sleeping early today.
Well I'm rather shocked with whoever is reading my posts, especially someone related to me..
Jumping to that, I miss my car and the stereo and the comfortable seats with good steering wheel. Although the gas consumptions suck but I don't drive everywhere everyday. Unless if i want to.
One assignment down and passed; 4 more to go. Can't wait to finish all of it. Took a day to relax and not do any work. Didn't work that well, I feel all fidget-y and scared.
Today is really cold and somehow weird. I can't stop shivering.
Sometimes, I do need someone to be there for me so i can talk to them about anything. My only problem is that I unconsciously choose whom to talk to. Sometimes I 'unconsciously' reject them in a way. Well from only one or two person I was more focused to talk to, became 5 to 6 or more? I wish to be there for my friends or whoever for the matter but its either I can't or its their decision to talk to who they want like what I said just now.
Is it wrong to literally follow what a certain person said? Or is it stupid? Not jumping off a cliff and all more of don't do or say certain things? Well it's hard to not 'care' but it does seem to not have a problem. So there are pros and cons, I get it. I just hate it being a one sided thing. Although I do feel like if I resolve this by myself something bad will happen. Cause that usually happens. So I am scared. Not now of course soon enough but not now. What have I become? :( Frankenstein? no feelings. Well I do have feelings but I just don't want to give a damn cause If I do, it won't be appreciated and giving a damn is a wrong thing.
Not logical.. I sound stupid. My head is a bit confused.

Anyways, I shall sleep.
Goodnight people, Toodles.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

24th of October

Today was quite interesting? I woke up early in the morning with shocking news, but I would rather not state it here.
Then I drove to Subang to see my dearest Dauz for breakfast. Walked to Stadium and ate their scrumptious Roti Canai. Then we walked to Melur, our objective was to eat something weird, but ended up eating apam. It sounded weird because it was in Indian and we assumed it was something we've never tried. Nevertheless we still ate the apam. Supposedly to walk back to Tanamera but the parents asked us to get in the car. So we did..
Anyways.. We hung out for a while till 1 then picked yi vonne at Putra Heights then drove to Sunway to meet Rifan, Sherrif and Andrew. After that, showed reza to my house from Rasta, then we went to my house while I changed to my baju kurung. Then, we drove to Jalan Ampang for Aqilah's open house. So you get why I was wearing a baju kurung, BUT I was the only one wearing a baju kurung. -.-
Stayed there till 8 plus then went back to my house. Now everyone has gone back home :)

It was a really tiring day for me today.
Well MY problem is.. Having a sense of jealousy. I don't get myself at all. Of course I won't say anything because its stupid and I'll be wasting my time. I feel sad that, there are people who won't open up with me. There are ways saying things but hiding something is another thing. I do have to learn to adjust and adapt right? Recently I have been talking to most of my guy friends and surprisingly enough. They have accommodated me with nice conversations and good advice. They've been keeping me company like how they would always do. Honestly, I was obligated enough to back away from them because I was scared and uncomfortable. Kept thinking with what people would think or Him. Not just that, I felt guilty talking to them because I had someone whom I love. Through experience? I figured out that he doesn't mind and he does the same too. This partially lifted my guilt. Probably. However! I am still confused with this whole situation.

I really want to start on my assignment but it's IMPOSSIBLE! I don't know what to do first. Not just that I feel so lazy. All I want to do now is laze around and rest and SLEEP. Sadly enough, everyone keeps talking about it which makes my guilt even bigger. Start buying materials... Horaay -.-
I shall post my Digital Imaging work when I'm done :)

Okay I shall sign off now.
Toodles :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

What happened?

Hello there.

I have come to realize that most guys or boys have the same ol' tactics.
Get to know the girl, be friendly to them, ask the girls questions (if they were fine, what they were doing, what are their interests, what do you hate, personal background) the girl would be the most important being in the planet and the most special too , then when they finally get the girl; everything seems to disappear and the girls would have to be accommodating or be forced to give full attention to the guys. That is when the ego comes and everything is a mess because the girls ego would rise as well. This causes fights and arguments. Sometimes when I think, it's a pity that guys or girls don't keep that constant attention or affection; the feeling of wanting that person so badly. Maybe increasing a bit but keeping it constant and fresh. That is the reason why they fall for that certain someone..

College time

OFF To college :)
What a drag..
(Thank God I have my friends)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Foxay laday

I feel like a sexy fox today. AHAH
okay.. don't mind me. I feel very happy all of the sudden :)
(Technically its a deer. )

Happy Anniversary

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Its been a year already!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I rarely talk about my work. As far as i know, I have never shown my artwork.
Well these are my most favourite.

This is my Digital Imaging class assignment. I did it till 4 in the morning.
Composition assignment.

Visual Narrative class
Card design for a New York Club

There's more but didn't save it in the computer.

Shall post about something else soon.

Toodles :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Words from my head

Been super duper busy. I've never hated researching about Greece in my life! I would usually be quite enthusiastic with Greek culture. Anywayysss... Let me update my blog. It has been weeks so I shall write a lil' something for you guys.

Assignments are piling and I can feel the pressure slowly coming up to my brain and butt. Well I have my friends t0 be there for me. :)

Guess what?! My hair is finally red. It is red. Yes people red.
but for you information, it does not look like hayley paramore's hair, or however her name is spelled. I am quite satisfied but I'm not used to it yet. Soon, hopefully.
Not just that, I pierced my ear as well, with Dauz on his birthday.
Accidentally ate tuna and eggs so my ear is really swollen and red.

Recently, I went to Darul's open house and on the way to his house; I got lost in his area. So I stopped beside a house and ask for directions from anyone passing by my car. So this guy passed by all sweaty because of him jogging responded to my help. However, he didn't really help because he didn't know the directions as well. So here was how the conversation went:

Me : Hey, hello :) Do you know where (insert Darul's address) ?

Jogging Guy : Ouh, jalan *** hmmm.. I'm not sure. Probably turn right here * shows direction to the right.

Me : Ouh, alright. Well its ok then. Thanks anyways :)

Jogging guy : Ok. :)

Well that was quite a short and boring conversation but suddenly! When I found Darul's house I parked at the side and walked to his house then the dude passed by the house and waved; I waved back with a half smile. (My mistake)
When I came back, I saw a note that says.

Hello, I'm glad that you found your address. I hope that we can be friends
Here is my number; 017**** please call me or txt me.

Ouh joy. -.-
That dude really has some guts giving a stranger his number.

I realized that, I get so fed up with everything; I just need someone to understand me and be there for me. Rather then, talking about themselves and not giving a craps butt about what happened to me. Not just that, talking about things that are not appropriate to me. Sometimes I can't handle it but just to make everyone feel better; I will of course act like nothing happened. Sometimes I don't understand; do you think whenever you talk? and doesn't it sound unappropriate? I just don't get it. This makes me so frustrated.

Anyways, I watched National Geographic and they talked about the park loosing all the trees and shrubs and what caused it. The answer was the Wolves. In the 1930's they hunted all the wolves and exterminated them until that species of wolves were almost extinct. Then the tree's stopped growing and the shrubs as well. Then they brought wolves from Canada and then finally the tree's and other species started to reappear. That sounded great until the residents near that area started to complain because their sheep's were gone and dead; caused by the wolves. So this is not a win-win situation. It's either you loose or you win. If you're lucky of course.
I am sad that when something good comes out of it; then people start to make it worse by complaining and making that beneficial for them. I hate it when that happens.

I think I should stop here and continue posting something else sooner or later.
So i bid farewell.

Toodles :)