Friday, July 25, 2008


When we notice a friends flaw we should help them.
Quote my friend " Kita seharusnya menjauhkan diri daripada orang yang busuk, dan mendekatikan diri kepada orang yang wangi".
I agree partially, but we should also HELP that's better rather then letting that person turn into a monster or something.
I don't understand people when they start manipulating people and not being friends for NO valid reason what so ever. I understand the persons situation and i can't change him/her, but she/he can only improve. There's always room for improvement and it's never too late to try.
Yet, there are people who don't WANT to understand and turn into stubborn donkeys just because they want to look like the angelic bitch.
It's like: If you see a dirty sick cat; probably you'll say "ewww gross it's dirty" but in the other hand the cat will probably die. BUT
if you HELP the cat, you'll save the cats life.
SO which one is better?
Friends shouldn't judge friends and you should accept who she/he is. Friends aren't robots.