Saturday, November 29, 2008


SPM is finally over! I have been waiting for this time to come since the past few months of hectic tuition and exams. Loving every second of it.
I still can't imagine, a life without waiting in line during assembly, wearing school uniform. It does sound scary when thinking about stepping into the 'real' world. More challenges, more toleration, well the list goes on and on. I have planned so many things, but MY head is so blank, I don't even know where to start.

I want to master guitar hero 4 drums, and rockband expert. Yes, I don't have a life but who cares! No one can stop me from sleeping late or playing a game till my hand hurts.
Well off to do nothing now! so toodles. :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's About Time!

7 down 4 more to go!

2 weeks, gosh that was short. I think I’ll be the first to say “WOOHOO!” after she says masa sudah tamat. I’ll be the first to jump run shout hug kiss fly and swim. Ahah I can’t wat. I have loads of things to do. *smirking*

You know what, add math was a shocker for me but heck, it’s over anyways. Now, I have biology, physics, French and est. Let me repeat 4 more to go! In a week! I just finished Chemistry and I am quite relieved but I like chemistry.

I think the dudes are falling head over heels with one of the pengawas lady. Yeah, well she’s pretty, but not when she wears blusher sampai nak kene her ears. She likes to smile though, and her shoe is to die for. It’s so cantik, I think she knows that every girl present in that hall loves looking at her shoe. Well now I know why she likes wearing it everyday. Well it’s nice I wonder where she bought it. Hmmmmmmm??

All I can say, SPM is special. You get special treatment that you can totally take advantage of. My mom and sister will do anything to make me happy. I can eat wherever I want, I can buy clothes or shoes, I can mandi lama lama in the toilet. Yep, I’m spoiled but well Spm is almost over and I don’t think they’ll spoil me anymore. Pity.

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh OHHHHHHH!!!!!!! My beloved sister bought guitar hero 4! And Rockband 2! Hell yeah! Well I played a biiiiiit. Couldn’t help myself, it’s so tempting. Drums from GH4 is so different and I was so confused playing it. BUT! I love it! I shall play PS3 sampai tak tidur. I have so many games to play. So many movies to watch, so many songs to download, so many things to buy, so many places to go, so many people to hangout with(well not that many), and so many shows to watch and download. Well the list goes on.

I have very little tuition now. I feel so relaxed now. I have less things to read. Finally!

Well Off to my nerdy duties. Biology is calling me. Ouh how I wish I can ignore it.