Sunday, May 24, 2009

Procrastinators are the future

Hello people,
My procrastinating level is pretty darn high up the roof.
I'm supposedly to finish 3 essays, well 2 (individual essay) , colour idioms, colour theory, sketch shit, and jack and jill.
What have I finished 100% ? Jack and Jill ONLY.
I haven't even started on my idioms and sketch thing.
I am dead I tell you. Holidays was pretty okay. Got some new stuff from my sister. Never expected it, but I am truly thankful and pleased. :)
Anyways, I have to pass up ALL of these, next week.
The only thing I planned was my outfit to class tomorrow (wth?)
I'm procrastinating on my essay right now, and I am suddenly having an idea block.
I can't think. My thesis statement is RETARDED for both my essays.
What is wrong with me????
If only I have the power to control everything with my mind. I wouldn't have problems anymore. I've planned everything up here in my noggin but no results.
I shouldn't blog right now, but it's so tempting.
Well I am FORCED to continue doing my essay before the day ends.

Toodles :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dim Mak-ening

I have a special announcement to make. I am pleased to inform you that.....
wait for it.. wait for it...

How AWESOME is that! You can actually meet them in person. Not only that; It's a FREE ENTRY! For ALL ages.
This is throughout THE best birthday year ever!
How ironic is that, it's on my birthday. I can't stop saying my birthday. ahha
I guess I'm too thrilled that I'm turning 18 soon. Well I'm not entirely thrilled that I'm getting older, but it's just the feeling of being an adult. It sucks that, in a younger age, people don't encourage you to be exposed to 'some' gigs. For sure, most of us will sneak in and act older than our age, but being 18 has no boundaries. You are allowed to go to 'most' places. It's fun. I can honestly say that, When I was younger I would not have the opportunity to go to these kind of events. My mom is more flexible than before, but of course; there are still rules that I need to follow. I still have responsibilities. I'm not negligent, I understand that my mothers trust is very important to me.
Anyways, this junkyard sale would substitute my feeling of discontent for not going to Ratatat's gig. I hope so. I can't wait. :D

Well, I feel smelly and icky. I should go have a bath. ;p
Signing off for now..

Toodles :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Bonsoir people,
I have semester break for this whole week and it's already Tuesday.
Time flies so fast. It sucks that, everyday happens so quickly. It shows that you have to savor each and every moment of your life and not waste it.
Make each day count, get it?

Well moving on,
Some people just don't comprehend the meaning of promises. They just say it, but never mean it.
I hate it when that happens.
#1 : Keeps your hopes up
#2 : Everything was just a lie/ a hoax
#3 : Gives a very bad impression of themselves.
#4 : Wasted your time.

I can't stand those people, whom you try to help for their own benefits; they promise, but what do I get in return? Nothing! They break their promises and continue their 'bad' habits and acted as if nothing happened.

Well this irritates me.

I have some things to say, but my fingers are a tad bit too dead. Sooooo signing off then.

Toodles :)


HATE that RATATAT is coming and I can't go. You know why?
21 and above.
Idiotic I tell you.
Shit losers. It's on the 28th of May, my mom would consider because my brother is going.
Damn my brother for being 27!
it's only Rm78 and that if you buy it at the door WITH urbanscape tickets.
I am so pissed off I tell ya.

I want to GOOOOOOO!!! RATATAT! WHY RATATAT? WHY?! Please come back when I'm 21. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase? :(

Well signing off, I need some beauty sleep.

Toodles :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My thoughts at 11.52pm

picture by: ffffound
Yet another post from moi.

Well my head has full of thoughts and questions.
Well lately, I noticed that couples cheat quite often now, and I do NOT know why.
It's unethical and just inhumane! Yet i keep wondering how it feels like being cheated (not how it feels like cheating) Even though I have experienced it before, but I was just curious who it would feel like now.
I know I sound weird, Who wants to experience being cheated? (zero, perhaps?)
Well I Don't WANT to experience it again. Even now, I think I have gained something that I'm not proud of, but according to my friends it's normal; I have increased my level of jealousy. It sucks I tell ya. So imagine if the person I love cheated on me. OOOooooh damn, could I be any more mad.
So I would be heartbroken and REALLY pissed at the same time.
Lately, I have been so pessimistic, as if everyone's against me and they want to ruin my life so badly and everything is JUST a lie.
FYI, I watched "Awake" yesterday, and Jessica Alba (Sam) Was a B#@%h!
The guy loved her and wanted to marry her, but HER objective was to kill him, get his organs and get the money. Everything was a LIE, and she made it so sincere.
Well my point here is, I guess you can't judge by the surface of the water once you've touched it.
There are many people out there, which are sincere and honest and would willingly do ANYTHING to please you, but I guess its hard. I mean everyone isn't perfect, but cheating? NOT acceptable.
I have the patience and the mouth of a deaf person. I would never want to say anything, because it may end up, me fighting with that certain person. I would never want that to happen. I can't handle a fight, I know that. Sometimes its better not saying anything cause surely if i start opening my mouth, everything will go haywire. Not that I'll do it on purpose. On the other hand, Bottling it up inside may not be a good idea either. That's why I would prefer sulking. ahha
I hate myself being so jealous, even for the slightest matter, but its no use for me to complain cause I just feel that, it's stupid and jealousy can jeopardize someones friendship. So, I would never want to complain and restrict anyone.

Well I was on the phone a few minutes ago and I thought about the most disturbing word I have ever heard, 'time-out'.
If He would ask for a time-out, right at this moment. I would break into tears. I would literally fall apart, but I have said that I respect any decisions made. Even though, he promised me he won't, you may never now. Situations can change. It sounds depressing.
I could admit I'm love struck. People can laugh all they want, Its true and I have no reasons to lie. That's why thinking of these situations perturbs my mind.
It's all related don't you think?

Well what are YOUR thoughts of cheating, jealousy and a 'time-out'?

Well enough babbling, I should sign off now for today.

Toodles :)


by : ffffound

Recently, I have been so stressed out, I wasn't being myself.
It sucks that some people around me are well partially affected by my egocentricity and I feel so guilty.
Some days I'm okay then suddenly a few hours after that I feel like hitting everyone and making a big deal of everything. I'll be so sensitive and moody at the same time and it'll make me so depressed.
Maybe this is caused by me being so tired, assignments, time etc..
Well I feel bad that, some people that I talk to, find me at the wrong time; Either I won't talk to them (for no apparent reason) or I'll treat them like shit.
Well I think I should seize this day as a day where I'll relax talk and get EVERYTHING out of my system. Drink some smoothies perhaps or maybe play some pool or foosball.
Go out for a drive with some friends of mine. Yea I guess I should do that.

Enough about that, I think I'll be having a great time next next week and I'll make sure that UOX is not a bore. Well I doubt that! :p
I hope my birthday will be a good one. Unlike last year. Pfft so much for a 'best friend' being there for me on my birthday. I wasted a perfectly good day to something that was stupidly selfish.
Well you only turn 18 once right? For the first time, I'm actually scared, somehow. I'm no more a child. The so called 'young one'. Everyone is getting old, and sooner or later you'll have to accept that.
Well, No plans just as yet :)

I guess I'll be singing off. I just needed to let this ALL out of my system.

Toodles :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

You are so beautiful

You Are So Beautiful To Me
You Are So Beautiful To Me
Can't You See
Your're Everything I Hoped For
Your're Everything I Need
You Are So Beautiful To Me

Such Joy And Happiness You Bring
Such Joy And Happiness You Bring
Like A Dream
A Guiding Light That Shines In The Night
Heavens Gift To Me
You Are So Beautiful To Me

Joe Cocker - "You Are So Beautiful

Well I'm not a 'fan' of him but I find this song touching and when he said he was singing it for his late wife, I literally cried.
Fly fm had an American Idol show comparing whose better, Adam or Kris.
Well anyways, they played all of the songs which included You are so Beautiful.
I was crying so badly you cannot imagine.
Well I just wanted to blog about this and put it in my blog.

So signing off..
Toodles :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hello and bonsoirr,
I haven't been having enough sleep lately. I feel so worn-out.
Assignments after assignments after assignments. Well I sort of have little work this week because I finished it. Well, not really.
I have semester break next week and that will be the work where I'll finish EVERYTHING and start fresh the week after that. I can't afford to be really busy that weekend.
Parce que.... C'est My birthday! and I'm going to U.O.X the day before that(can't waiit)
So far, I have a manual to re-do, a sketch to do for creative thinking, Correction for the drawings, 3 english essays, Malaysian studies presentation and exam. Yea, I think that's about it.
I look like a freaking panda right now. -.-
Damn you assignments.
OUH! I just found out that, I ONLY have photography class for my 3rd semester. How excited am I. haha

Anyways, I just realized, If I care too much and put too much effort. I'll waste my time.
I just have to stop.
It's true, they'll just say oh ok, relax relax and act a fake laugh.
How annoying is that, I shouldn't be too concerned.
I wouldn't get a thank you or even and 'awww'. So why should I work so hard to care.
I feel the urge of spending money for new clothes. I'm bored of my old clothes anywayy.

My head is *blank*. I just need some food and ideas.

Well signing off,

Toodles :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

BRRRRRRRrrrrrright! sunshine of heaven :O

Just a useless post by me. :)

I JUST found out that shitdisco and the cobrasnake and steve aoki are coming to Malaysia on the 30th of May. What a coincidence being it a day before MY birthday :)

YAY! I'm so slow. ahha
AND AND AND AND AND AND my mom said it was ok. DAMN SHIT I'm excited.

This is ze poster :D

Well I wanna meet the cobrasnakes :O

and like during the party I'll be turning 18! COOOOOOOL

I sound like a kid huh?
Well it'll be gone soon. I'll be called a 'young adult'
damn, but legal to do some stuff.. ahahha ;p

signing off......

Toodles :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Prioritize! List of things I should do. Starting from today..

1. Do 10 bar codes : Creative thinking
2. Start on Manual : 2D
3. Colour theory : Fundamental Drawing
4. 3 Essays : English
5. Arrange ALL drawings : Fundamental Drawing
6. Study for Malaysian Studies : Malaysian Studies
7. Do sketches daily (if possible) : design subjects
8. Practice out door drawing

Well it sounds easy, but DAMN it's so meticulous.
Hopefully, I'll be 'pro' in design. :p

I'm actually bored, I should start all this but I've been procrastinating since last week.
Damn my procrastination. It's useless.

My thoughts for today..
- Je pense que, I've gained weight and I look like a freaking Hippo. I want to plan my daily life properly and add jogging and swimming to my list of things to do.
My ass look disgusting and my thighs! and my stomach is so flabby and my arms, urrgghh looks like jello :S
I have to stop this disastorous problem. ahha
I feel so blurghh. I should stop eating too much rice and noodles and FOOD.
But howwwww?? comfort fooooooooooood X'()
I have to try :(
Eat early, NO fast food or 'unhealthy snacks' , exercise, eat moderately or little, drink PLAIN water, DON'T waste money on 'teh o' ais limau' , make effort to walk up the stairs instead of the escelator.

Well and have enough rest :)
and my english lecturer says so. SLEEP. ahah

Well I'm crapping my ass off.
I should stop.
Toodles :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

The letter 'F'

F the pedestrians, F trust, F hope, F the car, F love, F the heart, F the word 'advantage', F my stomach, F opportunity, F insecurities and F holidays. F F F F F!
F-ed up world.

That stupid pedestrian F-ing hit the car with his stupid thingamajig, ass.
I feel guilty, fine. I made a mistake BUT whatthehell don't hit the car that hard-lah, and to top that off, IT'S THE FERAKIN windshield. MY side of the car. I seriously wanted to break down after that.
Bloody stupid bum.

Enough of THAT, I feel like whenever I want to talk about something or hang-out ; there's always an obstacle. I seriously have NO one to talk to. I can't go to my mom for EVERYTHING. It's weird. When I say something, they divert the conversation to themselves. It just isn't fair.
Why? Ask them ..
I never have something 'great' to talk about. My life is really bland. That's for sure. I hate this feeling. I really do hate this feeling.
I wonder why I should even have fun this holidays.

I was ok this morning. Urghhh whatever-lah..

Signing off now.