Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hello and bonsoirr,
I haven't been having enough sleep lately. I feel so worn-out.
Assignments after assignments after assignments. Well I sort of have little work this week because I finished it. Well, not really.
I have semester break next week and that will be the work where I'll finish EVERYTHING and start fresh the week after that. I can't afford to be really busy that weekend.
Parce que.... C'est My birthday! and I'm going to U.O.X the day before that(can't waiit)
So far, I have a manual to re-do, a sketch to do for creative thinking, Correction for the drawings, 3 english essays, Malaysian studies presentation and exam. Yea, I think that's about it.
I look like a freaking panda right now. -.-
Damn you assignments.
OUH! I just found out that, I ONLY have photography class for my 3rd semester. How excited am I. haha

Anyways, I just realized, If I care too much and put too much effort. I'll waste my time.
I just have to stop.
It's true, they'll just say oh ok, relax relax and act a fake laugh.
How annoying is that, I shouldn't be too concerned.
I wouldn't get a thank you or even and 'awww'. So why should I work so hard to care.
I feel the urge of spending money for new clothes. I'm bored of my old clothes anywayy.

My head is *blank*. I just need some food and ideas.

Well signing off,

Toodles :)

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