Sunday, May 17, 2009

My thoughts at 11.52pm

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Yet another post from moi.

Well my head has full of thoughts and questions.
Well lately, I noticed that couples cheat quite often now, and I do NOT know why.
It's unethical and just inhumane! Yet i keep wondering how it feels like being cheated (not how it feels like cheating) Even though I have experienced it before, but I was just curious who it would feel like now.
I know I sound weird, Who wants to experience being cheated? (zero, perhaps?)
Well I Don't WANT to experience it again. Even now, I think I have gained something that I'm not proud of, but according to my friends it's normal; I have increased my level of jealousy. It sucks I tell ya. So imagine if the person I love cheated on me. OOOooooh damn, could I be any more mad.
So I would be heartbroken and REALLY pissed at the same time.
Lately, I have been so pessimistic, as if everyone's against me and they want to ruin my life so badly and everything is JUST a lie.
FYI, I watched "Awake" yesterday, and Jessica Alba (Sam) Was a B#@%h!
The guy loved her and wanted to marry her, but HER objective was to kill him, get his organs and get the money. Everything was a LIE, and she made it so sincere.
Well my point here is, I guess you can't judge by the surface of the water once you've touched it.
There are many people out there, which are sincere and honest and would willingly do ANYTHING to please you, but I guess its hard. I mean everyone isn't perfect, but cheating? NOT acceptable.
I have the patience and the mouth of a deaf person. I would never want to say anything, because it may end up, me fighting with that certain person. I would never want that to happen. I can't handle a fight, I know that. Sometimes its better not saying anything cause surely if i start opening my mouth, everything will go haywire. Not that I'll do it on purpose. On the other hand, Bottling it up inside may not be a good idea either. That's why I would prefer sulking. ahha
I hate myself being so jealous, even for the slightest matter, but its no use for me to complain cause I just feel that, it's stupid and jealousy can jeopardize someones friendship. So, I would never want to complain and restrict anyone.

Well I was on the phone a few minutes ago and I thought about the most disturbing word I have ever heard, 'time-out'.
If He would ask for a time-out, right at this moment. I would break into tears. I would literally fall apart, but I have said that I respect any decisions made. Even though, he promised me he won't, you may never now. Situations can change. It sounds depressing.
I could admit I'm love struck. People can laugh all they want, Its true and I have no reasons to lie. That's why thinking of these situations perturbs my mind.
It's all related don't you think?

Well what are YOUR thoughts of cheating, jealousy and a 'time-out'?

Well enough babbling, I should sign off now for today.

Toodles :)

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