Friday, May 1, 2009

The letter 'F'

F the pedestrians, F trust, F hope, F the car, F love, F the heart, F the word 'advantage', F my stomach, F opportunity, F insecurities and F holidays. F F F F F!
F-ed up world.

That stupid pedestrian F-ing hit the car with his stupid thingamajig, ass.
I feel guilty, fine. I made a mistake BUT whatthehell don't hit the car that hard-lah, and to top that off, IT'S THE FERAKIN windshield. MY side of the car. I seriously wanted to break down after that.
Bloody stupid bum.

Enough of THAT, I feel like whenever I want to talk about something or hang-out ; there's always an obstacle. I seriously have NO one to talk to. I can't go to my mom for EVERYTHING. It's weird. When I say something, they divert the conversation to themselves. It just isn't fair.
Why? Ask them ..
I never have something 'great' to talk about. My life is really bland. That's for sure. I hate this feeling. I really do hate this feeling.
I wonder why I should even have fun this holidays.

I was ok this morning. Urghhh whatever-lah..

Signing off now.

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