Thursday, May 7, 2009


Prioritize! List of things I should do. Starting from today..

1. Do 10 bar codes : Creative thinking
2. Start on Manual : 2D
3. Colour theory : Fundamental Drawing
4. 3 Essays : English
5. Arrange ALL drawings : Fundamental Drawing
6. Study for Malaysian Studies : Malaysian Studies
7. Do sketches daily (if possible) : design subjects
8. Practice out door drawing

Well it sounds easy, but DAMN it's so meticulous.
Hopefully, I'll be 'pro' in design. :p

I'm actually bored, I should start all this but I've been procrastinating since last week.
Damn my procrastination. It's useless.

My thoughts for today..
- Je pense que, I've gained weight and I look like a freaking Hippo. I want to plan my daily life properly and add jogging and swimming to my list of things to do.
My ass look disgusting and my thighs! and my stomach is so flabby and my arms, urrgghh looks like jello :S
I have to stop this disastorous problem. ahha
I feel so blurghh. I should stop eating too much rice and noodles and FOOD.
But howwwww?? comfort fooooooooooood X'()
I have to try :(
Eat early, NO fast food or 'unhealthy snacks' , exercise, eat moderately or little, drink PLAIN water, DON'T waste money on 'teh o' ais limau' , make effort to walk up the stairs instead of the escelator.

Well and have enough rest :)
and my english lecturer says so. SLEEP. ahah

Well I'm crapping my ass off.
I should stop.
Toodles :)

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