Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dim Mak-ening

I have a special announcement to make. I am pleased to inform you that.....
wait for it.. wait for it...

How AWESOME is that! You can actually meet them in person. Not only that; It's a FREE ENTRY! For ALL ages.
This is throughout THE best birthday year ever!
How ironic is that, it's on my birthday. I can't stop saying my birthday. ahha
I guess I'm too thrilled that I'm turning 18 soon. Well I'm not entirely thrilled that I'm getting older, but it's just the feeling of being an adult. It sucks that, in a younger age, people don't encourage you to be exposed to 'some' gigs. For sure, most of us will sneak in and act older than our age, but being 18 has no boundaries. You are allowed to go to 'most' places. It's fun. I can honestly say that, When I was younger I would not have the opportunity to go to these kind of events. My mom is more flexible than before, but of course; there are still rules that I need to follow. I still have responsibilities. I'm not negligent, I understand that my mothers trust is very important to me.
Anyways, this junkyard sale would substitute my feeling of discontent for not going to Ratatat's gig. I hope so. I can't wait. :D

Well, I feel smelly and icky. I should go have a bath. ;p
Signing off for now..

Toodles :)

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