Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Deux mille neuf

2009 is a few days away and guess what?! I'm not going to school anymore. While students are prancing through the hall ways I would probably be at home sleeping or going out with my friends.
Till the day my results will come out, I will utilize every second to my fullest. It's been 11 years of going to school, meeting school friends, eating at the canteen, wearing school uniform, I can't belief time flies so fast. Usually my new years resolution would have something to do with school, but since I won't be going to school, I have nooo idea what to do. Except, lose some weight. That's it! I think I'll be visiting my school annually and come meet my juniors once in a while. I'm turning 18 next year. I don't know why I'm making such a big deal out of this, but it feels weird. I'm so used to acting like a kid and making minor decisions. I know, most teenagers can't wait to turn 18 or become a full grown adult, but the responsibility is bigger and there are more obstacles to face.
So I guess that's how it is.
I think my new years resolutions (2009) would be:
1. Lose some weight
2. Stop procrastinating
3. Manage time properly
4. Increase my photographic skills
5. Be more adventurous/ be more daring
6. Put 110% effort whenever doing ANYTHING
7. Be more creative
8. Draw more
9. Be more tidy
10. Don't be scared :D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


My very close friend has launched a blogshop called Paper.Box.Couture.
The items are ouh-so-adorable. It's still new and the first few 10 customers will get something special! So better hurry up before it ends.
Here's a bit of a sneak peak of what they're selling.

So, chchchchchcheck it out! :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello hello,
Here I am contemplating what to do, what to get INTO college. It's harder than I would've imagined. I was so passionate about becoming a zoologist or an environmental biology. BUT THEN, my job opportunity is very very low. My other option is taking graphics design. I know, the courses are not similar AT ALL. Science and arts. Honestly, my choice is into graphics. More job opportunities and I would not have a financial burden. Sometimes I wonder, the passion of loving your job is very crucial. Although, for some people, being passionate is great but once the job offers are low and your salary is horrible, you will eventually hate your job because you are forced to live in a very run-down life. Which I do not want that to happen. I used to say money is not important, but to think of it. It is very very very very important. It's the root of all evil let me tell you that. If I don't have enough money, I won't have enough to pay rent, buy groceries, pay for transportation, FOOD and the list goes on... To top it all of, I my mom will feel ill at ease looking at her children suffering. So the amount of guilt will increase.
So yes, I think graphics is okay financially, AND I like it too, A LOT! :D
OUH YEAAAAA, the course is cheaper too, rather than zoology or environmental biology.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm back for another blog posting. :)
Well, after coming back from I went pre- prom shopping with my friends. Well i was basically accompanying them buying some socks or whatever.
The next day was PROM.
Let me tell you this there were only 60 people. 60! I was speechless.
It was held at One World. A small function room. So it could fit about 6 tables, a dance floor, one medium sized stage to fit all the band instruments, buffet tables and a little more space for people to walk. OUH YEAHH, a dj table at the side too.
Anyways, I had fun and I was really dancing like a monkey. People were puzzled whenever looking at me, because they have never seen me dance, jump or act crazy
It didn't matter I had fun with my friends.
So prom was quite ok.

Anywayyyys, I'll continue later. I want to sleep :)

Singapore trip

It's been more than 2 weeks since my last post.
That's quite long actually.
Well I came back from Singapore about a week ago. Singapore was a good trip. Although, I wasn't fond of the food. It was too crowded and most restaurants were catered for people who AREN'T Muslims. Sooo, you get it right?
I was with Shaira's family during the whole trip. Around 20++ people came. We conquered the whole bus except for one person. He was friendly though.
The day we arrived, we went to her relatives house and ate a home cooked meal. It was simply scrumptious.
The next day, I shopped for some shoes, cardigan, and a few other necessities.
My mom was hesitant to buy anything. So, i felt guilty. Even though, she reassured me that it was ok me buying those things and her not buying anything, I still felt guilty.
She bought me my prom dress at banana republic. Ooooh, it's just gorgeous. It's a one strap purple short dress, well below my knee though. It's silk, so it's really smooth and comfy.
The dress is quite pricey. It was discounted 40% because my mom had the visa credit card. Well it was 30% off but with the credit card, they gave another 10%.
The next morning, my mom had to fly back to KL because of my brothers graduation. So she left me for two days.
I wanted to go to my brothers graduation ceremony, but there was only two empty seats, and if they were to add me, they would've paid more. So my mom wanted to save some money. So instead, she left me.
I was okay though. Amalina moved into my room. So it was fun talking till late at night.
The day my mom left me ;P I went to a tahlil, at Shaira's relatives house. We came a bit late, but just in time to baca doa for their late grandfather and a few other relatives.
After that, we ate rice. The lauk was undeniably fantastic!
When coming back, they shopped for some more things. I tagged along of course. I didn't buy anything because I was saving the money my mom gave me (in case of emergencies) So if I were to spend it, I would feel the biggest guilt ever! So it was best for me not to spend it at all.
At the end, I did regret not buying a few things. That had a great discount and I had enough money to buy it.
Anyways, I'm still happy with what I got and my sister is already borrowing some of it.
Well I'm back from Singapore and It's been a week already.
Well toodles, I'mma gonna write another post. :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I somewhat never imagined being cared for this much.
Plus, I have never, repeat NEVER been treated this way. Maybe for a month then after that being treated like shit.
It's touching knowing that somewhere out there, there's always a person who's there for you no matter what.
I'm glad knowing him now, because so far it's been great. :)
I have experienced a lot when being with him, a total different atmosphere, but I'm adapting.
It's fun actually. He cracked the shell, that I did not want to get out of. He made me open up easily. I realized, I'll feel that tingle on my back when thinking about it.
Seriously, It's lame to say, but I could be the happiest and luckiest girl on earth.
It's lame I know, but so what! This is what i feel. It's weird cause I have never ever ever ever ever ever had this feeling before.
I mean, It's not like i get to meet him everyday. He lives far away from where I'm staying, really far.
Sometimes you can criticize it after you have felt it. I take back what I have said. It does feel good. You can't describe the feeling once you've experienced it.
I mean, He's different in a good way. I don't usually say this about guys, so I'm actually serious. I can't say of course that, it's gonna stay the same forever. There will be times where it's excruciating and intolerable. I bet I'll be a pain in the ass too. Not everyone can look like a robot being so perfect without problems. But of course, you have to solve problems first not jump to conclusion. That is stupid, assuming everything without knowing anything.
I'm human not an alien robot from the planet Pluto(that does not exist)
Sometimes those martial art masters say "catch the fly before it flies" (ok i'm not really sure i'm sort of making this up, but well who cares it sounds something like that)
So what I'm trying to sort of say is, if you have found that person grab a hold of him and try to work it out and stay, not take him then flirt with some dude that finds you attractive. Well that's called cheating.
Ooooooh, this is long ahah.
Well that's it I guess. It's been a while since my last post.
Toodles :)