Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bazaar Jelly

This was the most colourful jelly i have ever seen, and its quite nice actually. This jelly people; was shown in the newspaper. It attracted my attention and my mom as well. We went straight to the bazaar at bangsar after asar prayers. We went puasa shopping and i can say we were 'rambang mata'. We bought nasi beriani gam, nasi ayam berempah, sotong and ikan pari bakar, and ouh yes, the jelly. The food was somehow, very delicious and way better than the food at the bazaar at TTDI. I was satisfied with the food i bought, and the bazaar was worth going too.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Music is a general interest. My taste of music is quite different unlike other teenagers. Sort of, but It's not like I'm the only one listening to it, there are other people like me. I don't really care what other people think. For me, good music consists of melodious tunes and generally when you listen to it, it's like every note is telling you a story and you start having goosebumps. I like different genre's but I wouldn't say I'm universal cause I don't like every single type of genre. Frankly, I really like classical, jazz, oldies, you can say very nostalgic tunes, and recently I like indie music well, indie rock music. I'm offended if some immature person criticizes the music I listen too. They would say 'orang tua dengar lagu chum ni' or 'omg! Giler lama lagu ni' or just giving me a disgusted sound. Like Fuck off lah, respect the music. Have I ever offended you like that? These music is what I call 'good music'. I mean jazz, classical and stuff. I'm a very 'melody' person; like listening to instruments; that's why I like indie rock plus it's not commercial. Even though I like listen to these music I can still appreciate other genre's. Like I can appreciate trance, screamo or whatever, R&B, I'm not really into those commercial music, I can listen to a few but I'm not in love with those songs. To me, I just think commercial music sounds all the same, but I hate bands or singers that sound nasal and poser looking and talking crap when their singing, disrespecting other people, and etc etc… no offence if you like it, but I'm not interested, cause they just suck. Now days I can't tune in the radio and listen to something I like, it's very rare if I did.