Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Just Knew That, Lotus is owned by Proton.

(Siapa yang tak tau, jgn buat2 tau) AHAH

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Skin and Mouth

Hello all,
Today is a Sunday..
I'm starting my second semester tomorrow. I have checked my schedule and I have class on Saturday :(
I have 4 hours of Digital Imaging on a Saturday. Can't it get any worse.
Hope my second semester is great

Recently, I bumped into so many whitening cream advertisements. I do not know why people are not happy with their skin colour. Minus the pores, white heads, black heads, pimples, etc.... but everyone wants to change their skin colour. People whom have lighter skin want a more tanner tone and those who have darker skin wants lighter tones. I understand if it's uneven but if you have a natural skin colour, dark or light; you should embrace it no matter what. In Malaysia, it is rare for a commercial advertising a tanning lotion or spray; but whitening cream/ facial wash; a lot of people would actually buy it. It's like you're being a prejudice to yourself. You don't accept your skin colour or probably you're uncomfortable or unhappy with your skin colour. We were born that way. This is my point of view of what I think about people wanting to be fairer or tanner but I am relatively dark but I'm ok with it. I don't care if you use 10 different types of whitening cream, that's your problem; but I'm just saying that you should be proud with your own skin.

Anyhoo... This morning I went to Ica's sister's wedding, Met my old school mates. Missed them to bits! Talked and I sent Yan home after a long talk about how unhappy we were for the Ministry of Education changing Science and Math from English to Malay. Well I think that decision is STUPID. English is a world-known language, it is easier to communicate with other people from other countries. Probably they think that talking more malay would make us more nationalistic or whatever; but it would make the younger generations be the exact same. Even if you learn Malay in secondary or primary school you STILL have to learn Math and Science in english in the college (if you take courses that need those subjects)
I don't know why does it matter learning math and science in malay. It is a waste of time. Most reference books are in english. You have to try your best to learn english and not be stubborn. I don't know..

Well I'm just yapping to much. Signing off...

Toodles :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Danced till the Night away

Good morning for those who had just woke up, like me :)
Starting my second semester next Monday; Happy yet sad. Not enough rest and 'holiday' for me.
Met my colleagues in the past few days and we were planning our July Intake lunch orientation. Thank god for the good respond from our 'juniors'. Well I bet most of them are older than me, but I am just metaphorically saying. I visualize a good year for me throughout this whole course. AHAH

Well yesterday I went out with the girls. Had gotten approval from my mother, my sister and my boyfriend. So I went out guilt free. :)
The first place we wanted to go to was MOS but we had some problems and it was bloody packed. Even though it was ladies night, there was quite a lot of dudes walking in.
Then we went to coco banana. Less people, but the songs weren't that great. Met a few of our college mates, hung out with them. Danced till the night away..
At 11.30 something, they had really bad performances. The singing was just ouh kay but after that, they had this group of performers. They were literally having sex on the dance floor. Sick much. They weren't even good at dancing, there was no originality. They had cages with ropes for them to play, wore slutty clothes and the dudes took off their shirts.
Not just that, they looked like shedicks and guygina's.
Sorry for my vulgar language but I wasted 30 minutes waiting for the music to come back.
Thank god it was free.

Anyways, I need to take a bath.
Signing off..
Toodles :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Suck at Futsal, but Working on it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

What is on my mind at 11.53am

I remembered the list of things I wanted to do after my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia had ended. I had failed to accomplish even 50%. I can probably say that the longer it is, I crave for something different. I prefer lazing around and hanging out with my mates. I had high expectations of myself, to think of it; it is quite unethical. I know myself and I know that at some point, I will still be the same person 18 years ago. Not as a kid, but being lazy and procrastinating. I wonder what I do late at night. I don’t get enough sleep, I am tired most of the time. I have class, I have outings but that’s just it. Not including the renovation and all but I am not doing anything valuable. Most likely, I'll write a whole essay saying how to turn over a new leaf. I don't know the whole purpose of that now.

Anyways, there are too many network sharing websites; it's being a bit overrated. They are literally copying each other and loosing its originality. There is no fun in adventuring something new and figuring out how it works. BUT without it, I'll be bored to death. So, hopefully the websites can reinvent something original and make everyones time worthwhile.

$$Money$$ is so stupid. I am broke and I have no money to eat. I depend on it too much. I have to manage my money wisely. Eat cheaper food and no shopping, don't go out so much. I spend about Rm65 just for gas. Sigh.. disadvantage of driving.

Well I have nothing else to write..

Signing off...

Toodles :)

Friday, July 17, 2009


by: ffffound

Hey people,
So far I have been driving for about 5 months perhaps?
Convenient cause I have a car, Stressful cause of the stupid drivers on the road, Tiring cause I drive to college E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y and it's about 30km distance from home to college.
LDP sucks, Federal is okay, but when you are in PJ the lorries park right next to the damn road.
I have increased my swearing skills. From 40% to 100%. I am serious.

Anyways.. home has been in a stable condition. Thank god. I was scared for a moment there, the house was in 'red zone' mode. Mom hasn't been happy, but she's fine now :)

I actually have nothing to write here, wasting my time and your time. so well signing off...

Toodles :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chest fest

This morning when I was walking to the Gallery. This one stranger looked at my chest and said "HI" to it. Feeling so disrespected this morning made me thinking.
I mean Strangers, people whom I do not even know focus more on something that they shouldn't really focus on. It feels like they don't take girls seriously and look at the surface only. I mean "Men" , some of them cannot resist their desire. I know that. Girls are the same in a way but I am more focusing on men.
If you know me, not based on how I look and judge me by my character, its fine by me.
Boys will be boys.
All I am saying, first impressions are very important. So don't look at a girls chest and say HI to it. Some girls wouldn't mind, but I do. Its demeaning women. I hate that.

Change of topic. You should check this out.

It's quite cool because he seems to "enjoy" dancing but at the end; Everyone joined him and enjoyed themselves. I didn't think anyone would respond to his dancing. Bizarre but quite cool actually.

He made my day :)

Signing off..

Toodles :)

Random day as a Tourist

Today was the most random day ever.
Woke up in the morning, contemplating whether to go to college or not.
I went of course, then after a 'drive' to SS15, I went back to college for the Cuban exhibition.
Went back to SS15 with Reena and Jin and ate some SUBWAY sandwich!
Let me describe the sandwich I had ate :

" 6-inch Toasted Parmesan Oregano with seafood and crab. Together with Lettuce, Cucumber and Cheese, PLUS mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, vinegar and olive oil with lots and lots of pepper. "

My mouth feels watery even thinking about it.
Anyways, I thought of going back to campus and head back home. Instead, we thought of becoming a tourist for the day.
First Destination :
Went to Taman Rama-Rama (Butterfly Park)
Snapped a few pictures here and there. Saw so many, let me exaggerate that. SO MANY dead butterflies. Some were eaten by ants, some were stepped on, some were just dead lying on the soil. It really was an interesting and nice experience nevertheless.

Second Destination :
Tugu Negara
Snapped more pictures and bought ice cream on the way up. We tried to read jawi but failed to do so. Instead, we crapped about the writing. Sat near the fountain, was sprayed by the water; felt refreshing though. :p

So yes, holding the DSLR around those places felt like I wasn't a Malaysian. PLUS having no clue about those places added more 'touristic' features to myself. :)

Going there, Jin drove us and I discovered two bricks at the back seat of his car. I kept wondering what it was for. So me and Reena started saying loads of shit about it. Hilarious I tell you. I'm still thinking until now and it has been more than 5 hours. Hmm..???

We ended the day with "refreshing refreshments" at this new kopitiam shop near my campus. Rm4 for a simple lime juice. Greaaaaat..... -.-
To summarize it all.
That was my day. It was F.U.N.

So I shall write something else in another post.

So for now..
Toodles :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ciggies, Fags, Cigarette : Smoke

Well through experience, I know smoking is bad. Black lungs, Retarded throat, Yellow Teeth .. Yada yada yada.
I'm against smoking, although I have tried a few but it was just out of curiosity and nothing more. Some people are addicted and are chained to it, but there are some where they tried and smoked for a while but stopped for the sake of their health.
Well, I don't have anything against smokers, not at all, but I hate those that disrespect people who don't smoke and blow it to their faces.
It doesn't matter, if you smoke or not, you are responsible for your own body and health. All I can do is give advice and give help and support, but the rest is your effort not mine.
I have a few friends that stopped smoking a long time ago, but pity that they had to start back due to stress and work pressure. Anyways, there are so many people out there, that smoked in the past and sworn to never smoke again and held to that promise until they died.
My dad was one of them, stopped when he met my mother. Good for him. :)
Well, I'm not sure myself, but I hope stopping smoking is an easy task to do. The addiction may be strong but if you have the will to stop, you can definitely stop. I know that as a fact.
Some people I know, are stubborn and stupid. They say that they are NOT addicted but insist on smoking every time he/she has the chance. That is a pure hypocrite.
Well, all and all hopefully people should realize smoking is never the answer to a solution. You should also never start smoking with the desire to smoke forever.
Anyhoo, smoke if only it's the only answer to help. Don't smoke with no reason.
I guess I'm just worried.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Am I right?

Signing off..
Toodles :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009



Some things that were quite obvious and made me realize was that you should never wait for anyone. You'll just end up disappointing yourself. Another one is that, something similar to the one before. Don't keep your hopes up.
I know this isn't really a good advice, but having low expectations helps. It may be quite depressing, but once it happens, you already know how it feels. If it's the other way around, you'll be double as happy than before.
I'm not really in a good mood to give happy good blogs so probably it's quite depressing to read.
Well today, I heard that my friends cousins cat died, and my distant cousin passed-away.
Not something you want to hear once you wake up in the morning. I used to call Sunday a happy day, but I don't know what happened. Things changed I supposed. I guess from today onwards, it's a myday; Probably after my mom goes out, I'll go somewhere and have lunch. I'm not that hungry, but I really have nothing to do. I don't want to disturbs anyone's sunday, so I'll just go. No waiting right?
Curve sounds like a nice place, or probably Bangsar. Retail therapy would do the trick, something that would rub off this stupid feeling that I'm having.
Sigh.. It's just depressing to even write. I don't even know what is wrong with me, or probably I do.
off I go, I hope time flies fast.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gallery artsy fartsy

FINALLY! I'm back to blogging.
Telekom cut my line so I was unable to use the internet. Gaaaah! All I did was watch tv, sleep and spray baygon all over my house.
Anywayysssss... Since it's TOO late to 'promote' my class art exhibition, might as well just give you the whole detail on what happened :)
It started this Monday, so with very low expectations, we started pasting our artworks at the very last minute. We wouldn't have thought that people might have come to check out our exhibition.
However, we managed to finish everything before 12, well 12:15?
We opened the glass door with a sigh and waited for people or customers to come.
After 1 minute, the gallery was flooded with students and office workers and parents. We were MORE than schocked. I was explaining the artwork, following people around.
Human beings were pouring into our gallery until Friday, but of course it didn't beat the Monday crowd. All of us were satisfied and very proud because a lot of people were congratulating our work and some of them wanted to BUY them :O (double triple shocked)
I was happy that people looked at my artwork too :)

Probably I'll upload some picutres. PROBABLY.
On the same day, There was a moth.
A very big and I'm assuming an old moth?
Well I was very fond of that moth and it was stuck with me till it died.
It had no energy and it was resting on the palm of my hand.
I know it's weird, very weird, but it was a very nice and furry moth.
Anyways, Reena, Yi-vonne and I buried it at the small garden at college. Did a small funeral for it. Pity the moth, it survived for only 2 days in the gallery :(

I actually had A LOT to write, but I seriously don't remember anything.
Damn the internet, why must I be so dependent on you.

Well, my idea will come soon.. so signing off!

Toodles :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


An empty stomach will make you feel dizzy

Yap yap

Hey people!
I guess I woke up on the right side of the bed. I feel cheery and bouncy... ahha
It's been a while. :)

I think Facebook has too many game applications and It is so tempting to play. I have already reached to the point where I'm 40% addicted to the game. Well I think I type faster now. ahah


I have officially shifted EVERYTHING to my new temporary house. This house is quite small compared to my old house, I can't fit most of my furniture here. I feel thankful that I live in a house like that and THANK GOD that there is internet connection here. (actually taking it from my old house and stole the connection) :D
Anyways, there's progress and can see the extension at the back and the floor is already cemented. I can't wait for the final results.
For 2 months, I have to sleep like a mummy and squish all three of us on the queen sized bed.
Definitely prone to accidents. Well at least we took the plasma and placed it in the room. So I see gigantic heads before I sleep. ahha

Well I'm just blabbering and yapping all the way. I just wanted to waste my time typing while waiting for my energy and health and stamina to regain. :p

Soo probably I'll write another post soon

Toodles :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I remembered all the "drama's" that happened in high-school. Absolutely stupid. I wondered why we bothered fighting especially in school. Groups, Backstabbers, Bitches, "Boycotter" , Ass Kissers.. and the list goes on...
So far, these problems haven't come to pass in college yet. I'm not hoping for one. God forbid it from repeating history.
I bet it's still happening in high-school. Probably it's meant to happen.
I rememberd people telling me that they read something or saw a picture which was quite disrespectful and insensitive but to think of it, the way we handled the situation was immature.
I remembered seniors and juniors condemning us, technically I wasn't really included in the whole situation but more of a passenger that got hit along.
I think everyone shouldn't really be in groups and naming it; that'll make the problem even worse.
Well hope this doesn't happen anymore.

Anyways, my house is under renovation and it's a MESS I tell you. Dirty, dusty floors. I moved in another house which is just opposite mi casa and I'm living beside a guy that is overly obsessed with plants. The house is covered with tree's and it literally looks like a jungle. I will occasionally take a peek at the back and let me tell you this. At night, the jungle looks freakishly scary. He owns a few birds and cats, 3 of each I think and it REEKS of shit and odour. Even with his 'weird' habits and interests, he has a wife and a son. A very cute small son actually. The wife is very friendly and aplogizes to us whenever the husband does something bizzare or whatever. The wife would also aknowledge anyone around the neighbourhood. I guess there's something in him that attracts her. In a way, you can't judge a book by its cover. Am I right?
It's been 4 days since the renovation started and my mom is PISSED because according to her, NO ONE ever helped her. Well honestly, I don't help enough. I do help but because of college (I'm not blaming) I don't have the time because by the time I get back it's 5; but I try to help and sometimes without realizing I accidently sleep on the couch. Well I should, starting tomorrow. I make my mom happy AND burn some of those fats hanging around my mid-section ahah.
I'm pressured cause of my whole family yapping everday and waking up in the morning to go to college and there's usually NOTHING to do.
Thank god my friends are there to keep me insane. haha

Signing off, I want to get OUT of this dirty hole.

Toodles :)