Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random day as a Tourist

Today was the most random day ever.
Woke up in the morning, contemplating whether to go to college or not.
I went of course, then after a 'drive' to SS15, I went back to college for the Cuban exhibition.
Went back to SS15 with Reena and Jin and ate some SUBWAY sandwich!
Let me describe the sandwich I had ate :

" 6-inch Toasted Parmesan Oregano with seafood and crab. Together with Lettuce, Cucumber and Cheese, PLUS mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, vinegar and olive oil with lots and lots of pepper. "

My mouth feels watery even thinking about it.
Anyways, I thought of going back to campus and head back home. Instead, we thought of becoming a tourist for the day.
First Destination :
Went to Taman Rama-Rama (Butterfly Park)
Snapped a few pictures here and there. Saw so many, let me exaggerate that. SO MANY dead butterflies. Some were eaten by ants, some were stepped on, some were just dead lying on the soil. It really was an interesting and nice experience nevertheless.

Second Destination :
Tugu Negara
Snapped more pictures and bought ice cream on the way up. We tried to read jawi but failed to do so. Instead, we crapped about the writing. Sat near the fountain, was sprayed by the water; felt refreshing though. :p

So yes, holding the DSLR around those places felt like I wasn't a Malaysian. PLUS having no clue about those places added more 'touristic' features to myself. :)

Going there, Jin drove us and I discovered two bricks at the back seat of his car. I kept wondering what it was for. So me and Reena started saying loads of shit about it. Hilarious I tell you. I'm still thinking until now and it has been more than 5 hours. Hmm..???

We ended the day with "refreshing refreshments" at this new kopitiam shop near my campus. Rm4 for a simple lime juice. Greaaaaat..... -.-
To summarize it all.
That was my day. It was F.U.N.

So I shall write something else in another post.

So for now..
Toodles :)

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