Sunday, July 12, 2009


Some things that were quite obvious and made me realize was that you should never wait for anyone. You'll just end up disappointing yourself. Another one is that, something similar to the one before. Don't keep your hopes up.
I know this isn't really a good advice, but having low expectations helps. It may be quite depressing, but once it happens, you already know how it feels. If it's the other way around, you'll be double as happy than before.
I'm not really in a good mood to give happy good blogs so probably it's quite depressing to read.
Well today, I heard that my friends cousins cat died, and my distant cousin passed-away.
Not something you want to hear once you wake up in the morning. I used to call Sunday a happy day, but I don't know what happened. Things changed I supposed. I guess from today onwards, it's a myday; Probably after my mom goes out, I'll go somewhere and have lunch. I'm not that hungry, but I really have nothing to do. I don't want to disturbs anyone's sunday, so I'll just go. No waiting right?
Curve sounds like a nice place, or probably Bangsar. Retail therapy would do the trick, something that would rub off this stupid feeling that I'm having.
Sigh.. It's just depressing to even write. I don't even know what is wrong with me, or probably I do.
off I go, I hope time flies fast.


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