Thursday, July 2, 2009


I remembered all the "drama's" that happened in high-school. Absolutely stupid. I wondered why we bothered fighting especially in school. Groups, Backstabbers, Bitches, "Boycotter" , Ass Kissers.. and the list goes on...
So far, these problems haven't come to pass in college yet. I'm not hoping for one. God forbid it from repeating history.
I bet it's still happening in high-school. Probably it's meant to happen.
I rememberd people telling me that they read something or saw a picture which was quite disrespectful and insensitive but to think of it, the way we handled the situation was immature.
I remembered seniors and juniors condemning us, technically I wasn't really included in the whole situation but more of a passenger that got hit along.
I think everyone shouldn't really be in groups and naming it; that'll make the problem even worse.
Well hope this doesn't happen anymore.

Anyways, my house is under renovation and it's a MESS I tell you. Dirty, dusty floors. I moved in another house which is just opposite mi casa and I'm living beside a guy that is overly obsessed with plants. The house is covered with tree's and it literally looks like a jungle. I will occasionally take a peek at the back and let me tell you this. At night, the jungle looks freakishly scary. He owns a few birds and cats, 3 of each I think and it REEKS of shit and odour. Even with his 'weird' habits and interests, he has a wife and a son. A very cute small son actually. The wife is very friendly and aplogizes to us whenever the husband does something bizzare or whatever. The wife would also aknowledge anyone around the neighbourhood. I guess there's something in him that attracts her. In a way, you can't judge a book by its cover. Am I right?
It's been 4 days since the renovation started and my mom is PISSED because according to her, NO ONE ever helped her. Well honestly, I don't help enough. I do help but because of college (I'm not blaming) I don't have the time because by the time I get back it's 5; but I try to help and sometimes without realizing I accidently sleep on the couch. Well I should, starting tomorrow. I make my mom happy AND burn some of those fats hanging around my mid-section ahah.
I'm pressured cause of my whole family yapping everday and waking up in the morning to go to college and there's usually NOTHING to do.
Thank god my friends are there to keep me insane. haha

Signing off, I want to get OUT of this dirty hole.

Toodles :)

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