Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gallery artsy fartsy

FINALLY! I'm back to blogging.
Telekom cut my line so I was unable to use the internet. Gaaaah! All I did was watch tv, sleep and spray baygon all over my house.
Anywayysssss... Since it's TOO late to 'promote' my class art exhibition, might as well just give you the whole detail on what happened :)
It started this Monday, so with very low expectations, we started pasting our artworks at the very last minute. We wouldn't have thought that people might have come to check out our exhibition.
However, we managed to finish everything before 12, well 12:15?
We opened the glass door with a sigh and waited for people or customers to come.
After 1 minute, the gallery was flooded with students and office workers and parents. We were MORE than schocked. I was explaining the artwork, following people around.
Human beings were pouring into our gallery until Friday, but of course it didn't beat the Monday crowd. All of us were satisfied and very proud because a lot of people were congratulating our work and some of them wanted to BUY them :O (double triple shocked)
I was happy that people looked at my artwork too :)

Probably I'll upload some picutres. PROBABLY.
On the same day, There was a moth.
A very big and I'm assuming an old moth?
Well I was very fond of that moth and it was stuck with me till it died.
It had no energy and it was resting on the palm of my hand.
I know it's weird, very weird, but it was a very nice and furry moth.
Anyways, Reena, Yi-vonne and I buried it at the small garden at college. Did a small funeral for it. Pity the moth, it survived for only 2 days in the gallery :(

I actually had A LOT to write, but I seriously don't remember anything.
Damn the internet, why must I be so dependent on you.

Well, my idea will come soon.. so signing off!

Toodles :)

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