Wednesday, April 29, 2009

12:06 am

Why is it that,
Si I've been giving hope then not fulfilling it; I will realize straight away and I will feel TRES TRES guilty?
mais if it's another person, somehow they'll react the total opposite.
Maybe my manses is coming or something cause I feel like merdre.
Easily annoyed, insecure, stressed out, frustrated, not satisfied etc...
About what I said, I think ce n'est pas juste.
I get annoyed so easily if plans are canceled or promises aren't fulfilled ou my hopes are crushed with stupid and LAME excuses.
So yeah..... -.-

I had a talk with my aunty and we were talking about socializing, friends, boyfriend.......
It was quite uncomfortable for me cause she was talking to me as if I were a 5 year old ok maybe not THAT young; probably 13.
I'm in college and I know how to take care of myself. I'm not stupid. Friends influencing you to smoke or drink or take drugs; it's actually all up to you. Only if you have will power to say "NO"
In Malaysia, (not that I want to degrade my country) Loads and loads of teenagers or even adults for the matter in whatever religion; drink alcohol, take drugs, have open sex etc...
Well of course it's morally wrong, but it's not like most of them don't know the consequences.
Bien sur, they'll be ashamed (or not, depends on the person) but all friends or family or school/college mates can only give advice.
They have conscience to think.
Back to what my aunty said.. I didn't have a chance to speak up.
I respect her point of view, but her facts are only based on television and metro...
It's not true that, a person that drinks alcohol will sabatoge his/her friends that don't drink alcohol.
I have friends that drink, but they have never forced me to drink; because I know they respect me.
So far, I've never known anyone taking drugs but It's relevant to the statement I've just writtin up there.
It's also true that, friends can influence, but like I said IF you have the will power to say "NO", you'll be smart enough to not do any of those things.
You have to be careful no matter what, but you shouldn't judge those that do those things and say that they'll sabatoge whoever they think are better than them.
Not ALL of them are like that.
I know it's wrong, but I'm just stating my OWN point of view.
They should learn that it's dangerous and they should stop, but that's all I can say and do.
It's always up to them.

Ouh, and she was talking about her daughter's Ex-boyfriend.
My aunty used to like him because he helped a lot for the family and became close.
but that was before my aunty knew what he did behind her back, she digged for more information about him because she was concerned for her daughter (I respect that)
I felt uncomfortable, because It's quite weird for me. Imagine your mother digging for information about your boyfriend.
Mais, The things she told me was beyond jaw-dropping.
I was really shocked that he would do such a thing. I was scared and insecure right after she told me.
Mais, even though finding the truth hurts but I would prefer that I found out by myself without anyones help.
I know I'll be depressed and TRES triste but it's better that way. You can have your own privacy non?
Seriously, after she told me my heart literally skipped a beat. I was really insecure, I still am actually.

Well enough babbling, I need to finnish my sketching.

Toodles :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


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Monday, April 27, 2009


"I just find this picture entertaining." ;p
But what doesss make a man tick? O.o


Finally after weeks of not posting anything, I am posting something now. :D

Wokaaaaaay, moving on....
Lets see,
Assignments : As tall as a mountain
Total Absolute 'free' time : Nil
Friends: GREAT
College: Fun
Life:Quite blahh
Boyfriend: Formidable! :D

That sort of sums up 'some' things that I want to say. Ok to tell you in a loooooong and boring way:

Its been 5 weeks in college. Le temps passe vite, oui?
I remember it being the first day of college
Effrayant, but ended up great. The people are friendly and they are willing to layan my wackiness.
So far, I've had/have tonnes and TONNES of assignments and projects, c'est LOUF.
My classmates are really fun, everybody has their own thing to do. Friends are great too.
Since college, I have developed skills playing Pool and Foosball, but I still suck.
The lecturers are actually nice and really good.
My fundamental drawing lecturer told us that, there will be a field trip to I don't know where. He's still thinking, but he kept repeating Hong Kong, peut-être. Well I'm happy with ANYTHING. As long as it's educational and fun and not that hard for muslims, I wouldn't mind. It would be like a 5 day thing.
I told my mom and she agreed, so yay! I can't wait really. I've never been out of the country without my mom. It'll be weird though, but fun experience.

Ok.. going on.....
Yesterday, was my nieces birthday party. Her name is Safiya, the most CUTEST, ADORABLE, SMART little girl EVER. Gravement...
Her birthday was on the 21st of April, but everyone was busy during that time. Soooo, instead we celebrated it yesterday.
Habituellement, I'll be with my boyfriend on Sundays. So, he was forced to come to the party yesterday. ;p
He was nervous because most of my family members were there.
They were nice to greet him and smile and all. Wasn't all that scary..
My sister started bossing him already ahah, so well.. He is officially welcomed :p
OUH! I was so happy because he made a mix cd for me and it was the most sweetest gift ever.
I started being so jiwang and cried.

I won't tell you the tracks in the cd but I'm stuck listening to this ONE song. The lyrics are beyond formidable. C'est vraiment touchant

I'm gonna be the love that's gonna last
And be the one that got your back
Ain't nothing ever that bad that we won't be together
And though we both made our mistakes
And some we never wish we made
But we'll be okay if we just stay together

How can I NOT be jiwang. I'll have to admit, I've listened to that song quite numerous of times already and Je ne suis pas soin :)
Insyallah, I hope we'll be together for a long time. Time will tell.. time will tell.

I've always heard that, MOST girlfriends or boyfriends usually will control the opposites.
Par example;
- She won't let him be friends with his OWN friends.
- Never let her go out anywhere
- Call every second to know EXACTLY what she's doing
- Be so emotional when not being acknowledged even for just a second for understanding reasons

Well there's more, but you know what I mean.
I'm not saying that I'm très parfait, of course not, but there's always the term 'space' or 'understanding'.
I just pity those that break up for those stupidest reasons. They can work it out if both of them are understanding and trusting. They should compliment each other :)
Okk, I guess I'm crapping...
Moving on,

A parasite is living on your head WITHOUT your permission and takes your blood, living on your head and making your life a living hell.

Question: Wouldn't you be annoyed?

I would.

As in literally, If someone stayed in your house without permission and takes your toiletries, food, clothes and of course accessibility at your own home ; wouldn't you be annoyed.
Plus, never acknowledging anyone at home, doing they're own thing.
It's rude and I think that certain person is taking to his/her advantages.
It's not fair to the owner of the house wouldn't it?
Like I said, it's like a parasite.
Logically, people wouldn't want to lose their dignity and would want to try to earn a living not depend on other peoples houses.
It's quite disappointing really.

Well I guess that's enough writing for today. I'll continue another day ( I don't know when that'll be)

So long,
Toodles :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Bonsoir people!
I promised for an update weeks ago, but never did anything.
Anywayyyyyyys, I've been wanting to take pictures of my new hair, but now it looks really unkempt and the red is slowly fading away :(
Well, soon hopefully. I've been occupied with assignments and college projects.
Fun actually. It's something different.
Met new friends, quirky, fun, funny bunch of people I might say. This would be my first semester. March - June.
I have 5 subjects till this June and I have only 2 final exams only :)
Which are Pengajian Malaysia and Technical English.
The rest are project based. Actually, that's more tough because I have to work hard for 12 weeks for each projects. Unlike final exams, you can 'sort of' study last minute but I mean you shouldn't do that.
Assignments are slowwly piling, scary really.
My brain is somehow not functioning right. I can't think of anything to write.
(That actually rhymed, ahah)
Anyhoo, I shall stop here and continue once my mind is flowing with words 'hopefully'

Toodles :)