Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Bonsoir people!
I promised for an update weeks ago, but never did anything.
Anywayyyyyyys, I've been wanting to take pictures of my new hair, but now it looks really unkempt and the red is slowly fading away :(
Well, soon hopefully. I've been occupied with assignments and college projects.
Fun actually. It's something different.
Met new friends, quirky, fun, funny bunch of people I might say. This would be my first semester. March - June.
I have 5 subjects till this June and I have only 2 final exams only :)
Which are Pengajian Malaysia and Technical English.
The rest are project based. Actually, that's more tough because I have to work hard for 12 weeks for each projects. Unlike final exams, you can 'sort of' study last minute but I mean you shouldn't do that.
Assignments are slowwly piling, scary really.
My brain is somehow not functioning right. I can't think of anything to write.
(That actually rhymed, ahah)
Anyhoo, I shall stop here and continue once my mind is flowing with words 'hopefully'

Toodles :)

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