Thursday, August 4, 2011

day 2

I already failed this project haha, well I shall give you my day 2 picture. It's a few food signage in Bukit Bintang.
This is from an app called "Pudding Camera" a korean app, I quite like it actually and I used the fisheye mode with a vintage brown effect.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

taylors luncheon

10 ringgit meal at Taylors University. I am FO REAL! There's a few restaurants but only one is without invite OR you go to Temptations which is like acafeteria and you can spend up to 15 bucks with really good dessert. I was invited for a 10 ringgit luncheon which is non-inclusive of beverages.

10 Ringgit you will get:
Main Course
Refilled ice water
Coffee or Tea

I was really hungry and the "Potato & Leak Soup" was my second serving and it was really good.
The Main Course was the "Grilled Steak with Vegetables" the potatoes with the sauce was amazing! It was super clean, if they gave me a second serving, I would probably lick the plate clean too.
The dessert of the day was "Mango Pudding" I know it's actually called something else, but it had tiny bits of mango and it was so creamy. Delicious.
Overall it was a really good meal. They change menu every week or month.. I don't really remember, but the main course would be served at the Temptations Cafeteria, they would have soup of the day or salad and they have their dessert selections. All cooked and baked by the Taylors Culinary Students :)

day 1

I thought of trying something new. Why not do project 365 using iphone photography?
You can do so many things with your iphone and download a bunch full of photography applications to experiment.

I used the "Leme Cam" application with the double exposure mode.
I was heading to my aunties condo, I didn't drive and I sat at the back.. so I was playing around with the view and my phone. :)


Hello hello!

I have tonnes of things to post and ideas to show. So excited! I realize I have so many pictures of food so I shall review some of the later and maybe I'll put one first soon.

So check em out, I'll update this blog reaaaaal soon. :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

To all muslims
SELAMAT BERPUASA, may you have a good fasting month :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

My first try with videography, so I'm pretty new but I'm doing a few more videos so check em out ;)

This is a Music Video for
Huddle Formation : The Go! Team

Directed/Filmed/Edited by Me

Cast by appearance :
Farhanis Fadzil
Diyana Anwar
Ameen Ruslan
Yuki Miyasaka

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the bread shop

I'm pretty much a fan of cafe's and I'll occasionally find a few with either my family or my friends. Anyhoo, I found this shop called "The Bread Shop" at Bukit Damansara near the 2nd Decanter furthest to the school.

The price range would be MYR4 to MYR30? depending on what you eat of course. It's a bit on the pricey side. The bread is fresh and even though there aren't that many choices, you are still satisfied with the taste and you would love to go there more often. The interior is superb, it has a rustic feel and it's small and cozy. Opens only on Monday till Saturday from 8am till 7.30pm, except that Saturday closes at 5pm.

I ate Danish bread with Ice Chocolate, my brother ate Cinnamon Roll with Black Coffee and my mom ate Bread & Butter Pudding with Earl Grey Tea. Mouth watering I must say.

Here's the address and contact number, if you guys are interested.
11 Jalan Setiakasih 5,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 KL
Tel : 03-2093 8734

Till then..
Toodles :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

squirt that brain juice

Hello people,

Basically now, I'm having my "so called" 6 months break and I am turning into a lazy bum. (whenever I think of the word lazy bum, an english accent would pop up in my head suddenly) Anyways, I've been browsing through blogs from other bloggers and I am of course more than inspired to do something similar but I don't know where to start how to manage my work. Sort of a lifestyle/outfit/event/music/design - ish blog? if I haven't abandoned this too long, i wouldn't be so stuck right now. I have clothes to DIY, works to be digitalized and uploaded to my behance, a book to read, things to be settled and files to be transferred. I failed all, except reading my book (sort of) and not just "any" book. It's the classic Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. 1000++ pages with letters that are 9 to 8 point sizes small. I try making this break as productive as ever but it's too difficult cause I have a tendency to slack off and procrastinate and waste my 6 months. The whole purpose of trying all this isn't just a trend, I do find something meaningful to the things that they do, and they have so much passion towards it, I'm just at awe. Most of them are around my age and they've accomplished so many things and I'm here in front of my laptop, just envying those people and watching Youtube video's. So disappointed. I waste my whole mornings in bed and end up having 12/15 hours to spare. Tomorrow is a new day, well today actually.. and I think I should use this 6 months as a Self-build-up break.

P.S : I want a boyfriend, forget all the feminist crap and bullshit people say, I want to be in a relationship. I've been bottling this up for too long but I'm just too scared and too picky to have one. meh -.- "Retardism still exists in my dictionary"

Till then,

Toodles :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back and Up again

Hello fellow bloggers,

I have actually abandoned this blog for a very very long time and It's a pity because I've expressed so many things here. Memories. My english is not as articulate as before because I haven't been reading much and the people I hang around with don't really give a flying fuck about grammar (not everyone) and I guess my vulgarity has increased as well.. I know I can restart where I stopped? The last time I wrote a proper post was in November last year and August 2011 is just around the corner. How time flies, it's scary that things happen so fast. Things change and people change and of course I changed.. a lot. I can't possibly tweet all of this, it would be sickening to everyone. I've been updating my tumblr very frequently but it doesn't give me that much satisfaction as it did before. There is a certain expectations whenever I post anything, and to be honest I want feedback, I want people to like or reblog my post but some of the things I post aren't given that much feedback which turns me off. I use tumblr just to get ideas and collect them in a blog for me to browse through when I need inspiration the most, but 90% of it isn't MINE and I don't give much credit to the people that created it. I feel guilty.. Unlike this blog of mine is created by me and the posts are mine. I shouldn't have abandoned this. Anyhoo..

Since November 2010, I finally finished my Diploma in Graphic Communication Design at Taylor's Lakeside. I still remember my post writing about which course to take and one of them was actually Environmental Biology. It's funny how I ended up taking arts instead, there's always a reason why. Art is more of my forte, I'm comfortable with design and I have so many interests related to it. Don't get me wrong, I was really into environmental studies when I was young, I still am, maybe... not as much as before but I do care for the environment. So.. I'm a free woman now, I'm just waiting for February for my next intake in Swinburne University, Melbourne. That's another big step.

2011 is the most active, great, different, busy year of my life. I've met so many people along the way. The good, the bad and any other cliche sentences you could think of. I've done crazy things with my friends, been to countless events, had good and bad experiences with guys and friends, drama. I've regretted what I said in my last November post about the guy I dated briefly, wrong judgement, seduced by his words and betrayed friends that trusted me. I was really messed up and I think I still am. I have that urge to do something bad but my conscience reminds me everyday what it'll do to me, but I never listen. Today, friends are important to me and so are my family. I won't let stupid urges lose friends I love. I've learnt it the hard way before, but I guess now the things I do, just effect me only and not anyone else (hopefully)
"You're young once, but you only have a few chances to improve yourself before death"
and to me, you don't know when you'll die. I scare myself sometimes with my thoughts but I'm as stubborn as hell. I have so many things I want to do, but I never initiate it.

Oh! I cut my hair super short since January this year and I've been frequently cutting it every 2 to 3 months. I even think because of my haircut I have even changed my personality and dressing. I'm liking the new me in that sense, maybe cause I'm quite confident unlike last time. It could be overwhelming to a few people but I don't really give a damn. I've taken interest with blogging and fashion styles and design I might combine all of this and make something out of it. I thought of creating a personal fashion blog and ideas or some-sort, but I don't know where and how to start. I even want to try new skills like skateboarding, I know... I would most probably trip and fall all the time, but what the heck, no harm trying right? Since I have six months, I want to do so many things and this August is fasting month and it's a month for me to be a better person and that's a promise. I'll try to update more and probably post pictures of anything recent.

If i were to vent everything it could probably end up looking like J.R.R Tolkien's "Lord of The Rings" book haha, but I wouldn't know where to start anyways. I write as if you were my long lost best friend. :p oh well... Till then, you'll be seeing more of me, maybe ;)

after months and months of vanishing, I finally get to write this again..

Toodles :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well, I won't be updating my blog so often here.

But check out my tumblr. *GASP I've turned into the dark side ahahah

enjoy :) :)