Tuesday, July 26, 2011

squirt that brain juice

Hello people,

Basically now, I'm having my "so called" 6 months break and I am turning into a lazy bum. (whenever I think of the word lazy bum, an english accent would pop up in my head suddenly) Anyways, I've been browsing through blogs from other bloggers and I am of course more than inspired to do something similar but I don't know where to start how to manage my work. Sort of a lifestyle/outfit/event/music/design - ish blog? if I haven't abandoned this too long, i wouldn't be so stuck right now. I have clothes to DIY, works to be digitalized and uploaded to my behance, a book to read, things to be settled and files to be transferred. I failed all, except reading my book (sort of) and not just "any" book. It's the classic Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. 1000++ pages with letters that are 9 to 8 point sizes small. I try making this break as productive as ever but it's too difficult cause I have a tendency to slack off and procrastinate and waste my 6 months. The whole purpose of trying all this isn't just a trend, I do find something meaningful to the things that they do, and they have so much passion towards it, I'm just at awe. Most of them are around my age and they've accomplished so many things and I'm here in front of my laptop, just envying those people and watching Youtube video's. So disappointed. I waste my whole mornings in bed and end up having 12/15 hours to spare. Tomorrow is a new day, well today actually.. and I think I should use this 6 months as a Self-build-up break.

P.S : I want a boyfriend, forget all the feminist crap and bullshit people say, I want to be in a relationship. I've been bottling this up for too long but I'm just too scared and too picky to have one. meh -.- "Retardism still exists in my dictionary"

Till then,

Toodles :)

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