Tuesday, August 2, 2011

taylors luncheon

10 ringgit meal at Taylors University. I am FO REAL! There's a few restaurants but only one is without invite OR you go to Temptations which is like acafeteria and you can spend up to 15 bucks with really good dessert. I was invited for a 10 ringgit luncheon which is non-inclusive of beverages.

10 Ringgit you will get:
Main Course
Refilled ice water
Coffee or Tea

I was really hungry and the "Potato & Leak Soup" was my second serving and it was really good.
The Main Course was the "Grilled Steak with Vegetables" the potatoes with the sauce was amazing! It was super clean, if they gave me a second serving, I would probably lick the plate clean too.
The dessert of the day was "Mango Pudding" I know it's actually called something else, but it had tiny bits of mango and it was so creamy. Delicious.
Overall it was a really good meal. They change menu every week or month.. I don't really remember, but the main course would be served at the Temptations Cafeteria, they would have soup of the day or salad and they have their dessert selections. All cooked and baked by the Taylors Culinary Students :)

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