Friday, July 24, 2009

Danced till the Night away

Good morning for those who had just woke up, like me :)
Starting my second semester next Monday; Happy yet sad. Not enough rest and 'holiday' for me.
Met my colleagues in the past few days and we were planning our July Intake lunch orientation. Thank god for the good respond from our 'juniors'. Well I bet most of them are older than me, but I am just metaphorically saying. I visualize a good year for me throughout this whole course. AHAH

Well yesterday I went out with the girls. Had gotten approval from my mother, my sister and my boyfriend. So I went out guilt free. :)
The first place we wanted to go to was MOS but we had some problems and it was bloody packed. Even though it was ladies night, there was quite a lot of dudes walking in.
Then we went to coco banana. Less people, but the songs weren't that great. Met a few of our college mates, hung out with them. Danced till the night away..
At 11.30 something, they had really bad performances. The singing was just ouh kay but after that, they had this group of performers. They were literally having sex on the dance floor. Sick much. They weren't even good at dancing, there was no originality. They had cages with ropes for them to play, wore slutty clothes and the dudes took off their shirts.
Not just that, they looked like shedicks and guygina's.
Sorry for my vulgar language but I wasted 30 minutes waiting for the music to come back.
Thank god it was free.

Anyways, I need to take a bath.
Signing off..
Toodles :)

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