Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ciggies, Fags, Cigarette : Smoke

Well through experience, I know smoking is bad. Black lungs, Retarded throat, Yellow Teeth .. Yada yada yada.
I'm against smoking, although I have tried a few but it was just out of curiosity and nothing more. Some people are addicted and are chained to it, but there are some where they tried and smoked for a while but stopped for the sake of their health.
Well, I don't have anything against smokers, not at all, but I hate those that disrespect people who don't smoke and blow it to their faces.
It doesn't matter, if you smoke or not, you are responsible for your own body and health. All I can do is give advice and give help and support, but the rest is your effort not mine.
I have a few friends that stopped smoking a long time ago, but pity that they had to start back due to stress and work pressure. Anyways, there are so many people out there, that smoked in the past and sworn to never smoke again and held to that promise until they died.
My dad was one of them, stopped when he met my mother. Good for him. :)
Well, I'm not sure myself, but I hope stopping smoking is an easy task to do. The addiction may be strong but if you have the will to stop, you can definitely stop. I know that as a fact.
Some people I know, are stubborn and stupid. They say that they are NOT addicted but insist on smoking every time he/she has the chance. That is a pure hypocrite.
Well, all and all hopefully people should realize smoking is never the answer to a solution. You should also never start smoking with the desire to smoke forever.
Anyhoo, smoke if only it's the only answer to help. Don't smoke with no reason.
I guess I'm just worried.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Am I right?

Signing off..
Toodles :)

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