Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chest fest

This morning when I was walking to the Gallery. This one stranger looked at my chest and said "HI" to it. Feeling so disrespected this morning made me thinking.
I mean Strangers, people whom I do not even know focus more on something that they shouldn't really focus on. It feels like they don't take girls seriously and look at the surface only. I mean "Men" , some of them cannot resist their desire. I know that. Girls are the same in a way but I am more focusing on men.
If you know me, not based on how I look and judge me by my character, its fine by me.
Boys will be boys.
All I am saying, first impressions are very important. So don't look at a girls chest and say HI to it. Some girls wouldn't mind, but I do. Its demeaning women. I hate that.

Change of topic. You should check this out.

It's quite cool because he seems to "enjoy" dancing but at the end; Everyone joined him and enjoyed themselves. I didn't think anyone would respond to his dancing. Bizarre but quite cool actually.

He made my day :)

Signing off..

Toodles :)

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