Sunday, July 26, 2009

Skin and Mouth

Hello all,
Today is a Sunday..
I'm starting my second semester tomorrow. I have checked my schedule and I have class on Saturday :(
I have 4 hours of Digital Imaging on a Saturday. Can't it get any worse.
Hope my second semester is great

Recently, I bumped into so many whitening cream advertisements. I do not know why people are not happy with their skin colour. Minus the pores, white heads, black heads, pimples, etc.... but everyone wants to change their skin colour. People whom have lighter skin want a more tanner tone and those who have darker skin wants lighter tones. I understand if it's uneven but if you have a natural skin colour, dark or light; you should embrace it no matter what. In Malaysia, it is rare for a commercial advertising a tanning lotion or spray; but whitening cream/ facial wash; a lot of people would actually buy it. It's like you're being a prejudice to yourself. You don't accept your skin colour or probably you're uncomfortable or unhappy with your skin colour. We were born that way. This is my point of view of what I think about people wanting to be fairer or tanner but I am relatively dark but I'm ok with it. I don't care if you use 10 different types of whitening cream, that's your problem; but I'm just saying that you should be proud with your own skin.

Anyhoo... This morning I went to Ica's sister's wedding, Met my old school mates. Missed them to bits! Talked and I sent Yan home after a long talk about how unhappy we were for the Ministry of Education changing Science and Math from English to Malay. Well I think that decision is STUPID. English is a world-known language, it is easier to communicate with other people from other countries. Probably they think that talking more malay would make us more nationalistic or whatever; but it would make the younger generations be the exact same. Even if you learn Malay in secondary or primary school you STILL have to learn Math and Science in english in the college (if you take courses that need those subjects)
I don't know why does it matter learning math and science in malay. It is a waste of time. Most reference books are in english. You have to try your best to learn english and not be stubborn. I don't know..

Well I'm just yapping to much. Signing off...

Toodles :)

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