Sunday, December 7, 2008


I somewhat never imagined being cared for this much.
Plus, I have never, repeat NEVER been treated this way. Maybe for a month then after that being treated like shit.
It's touching knowing that somewhere out there, there's always a person who's there for you no matter what.
I'm glad knowing him now, because so far it's been great. :)
I have experienced a lot when being with him, a total different atmosphere, but I'm adapting.
It's fun actually. He cracked the shell, that I did not want to get out of. He made me open up easily. I realized, I'll feel that tingle on my back when thinking about it.
Seriously, It's lame to say, but I could be the happiest and luckiest girl on earth.
It's lame I know, but so what! This is what i feel. It's weird cause I have never ever ever ever ever ever had this feeling before.
I mean, It's not like i get to meet him everyday. He lives far away from where I'm staying, really far.
Sometimes you can criticize it after you have felt it. I take back what I have said. It does feel good. You can't describe the feeling once you've experienced it.
I mean, He's different in a good way. I don't usually say this about guys, so I'm actually serious. I can't say of course that, it's gonna stay the same forever. There will be times where it's excruciating and intolerable. I bet I'll be a pain in the ass too. Not everyone can look like a robot being so perfect without problems. But of course, you have to solve problems first not jump to conclusion. That is stupid, assuming everything without knowing anything.
I'm human not an alien robot from the planet Pluto(that does not exist)
Sometimes those martial art masters say "catch the fly before it flies" (ok i'm not really sure i'm sort of making this up, but well who cares it sounds something like that)
So what I'm trying to sort of say is, if you have found that person grab a hold of him and try to work it out and stay, not take him then flirt with some dude that finds you attractive. Well that's called cheating.
Ooooooh, this is long ahah.
Well that's it I guess. It's been a while since my last post.
Toodles :)

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