Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm back for another blog posting. :)
Well, after coming back from I went pre- prom shopping with my friends. Well i was basically accompanying them buying some socks or whatever.
The next day was PROM.
Let me tell you this there were only 60 people. 60! I was speechless.
It was held at One World. A small function room. So it could fit about 6 tables, a dance floor, one medium sized stage to fit all the band instruments, buffet tables and a little more space for people to walk. OUH YEAHH, a dj table at the side too.
Anyways, I had fun and I was really dancing like a monkey. People were puzzled whenever looking at me, because they have never seen me dance, jump or act crazy
It didn't matter I had fun with my friends.
So prom was quite ok.

Anywayyyys, I'll continue later. I want to sleep :)

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