Sunday, December 28, 2008

Deux mille neuf

2009 is a few days away and guess what?! I'm not going to school anymore. While students are prancing through the hall ways I would probably be at home sleeping or going out with my friends.
Till the day my results will come out, I will utilize every second to my fullest. It's been 11 years of going to school, meeting school friends, eating at the canteen, wearing school uniform, I can't belief time flies so fast. Usually my new years resolution would have something to do with school, but since I won't be going to school, I have nooo idea what to do. Except, lose some weight. That's it! I think I'll be visiting my school annually and come meet my juniors once in a while. I'm turning 18 next year. I don't know why I'm making such a big deal out of this, but it feels weird. I'm so used to acting like a kid and making minor decisions. I know, most teenagers can't wait to turn 18 or become a full grown adult, but the responsibility is bigger and there are more obstacles to face.
So I guess that's how it is.
I think my new years resolutions (2009) would be:
1. Lose some weight
2. Stop procrastinating
3. Manage time properly
4. Increase my photographic skills
5. Be more adventurous/ be more daring
6. Put 110% effort whenever doing ANYTHING
7. Be more creative
8. Draw more
9. Be more tidy
10. Don't be scared :D

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