Sunday, December 21, 2008

Singapore trip

It's been more than 2 weeks since my last post.
That's quite long actually.
Well I came back from Singapore about a week ago. Singapore was a good trip. Although, I wasn't fond of the food. It was too crowded and most restaurants were catered for people who AREN'T Muslims. Sooo, you get it right?
I was with Shaira's family during the whole trip. Around 20++ people came. We conquered the whole bus except for one person. He was friendly though.
The day we arrived, we went to her relatives house and ate a home cooked meal. It was simply scrumptious.
The next day, I shopped for some shoes, cardigan, and a few other necessities.
My mom was hesitant to buy anything. So, i felt guilty. Even though, she reassured me that it was ok me buying those things and her not buying anything, I still felt guilty.
She bought me my prom dress at banana republic. Ooooh, it's just gorgeous. It's a one strap purple short dress, well below my knee though. It's silk, so it's really smooth and comfy.
The dress is quite pricey. It was discounted 40% because my mom had the visa credit card. Well it was 30% off but with the credit card, they gave another 10%.
The next morning, my mom had to fly back to KL because of my brothers graduation. So she left me for two days.
I wanted to go to my brothers graduation ceremony, but there was only two empty seats, and if they were to add me, they would've paid more. So my mom wanted to save some money. So instead, she left me.
I was okay though. Amalina moved into my room. So it was fun talking till late at night.
The day my mom left me ;P I went to a tahlil, at Shaira's relatives house. We came a bit late, but just in time to baca doa for their late grandfather and a few other relatives.
After that, we ate rice. The lauk was undeniably fantastic!
When coming back, they shopped for some more things. I tagged along of course. I didn't buy anything because I was saving the money my mom gave me (in case of emergencies) So if I were to spend it, I would feel the biggest guilt ever! So it was best for me not to spend it at all.
At the end, I did regret not buying a few things. That had a great discount and I had enough money to buy it.
Anyways, I'm still happy with what I got and my sister is already borrowing some of it.
Well I'm back from Singapore and It's been a week already.
Well toodles, I'mma gonna write another post. :)

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