Sunday, May 17, 2009


by : ffffound

Recently, I have been so stressed out, I wasn't being myself.
It sucks that some people around me are well partially affected by my egocentricity and I feel so guilty.
Some days I'm okay then suddenly a few hours after that I feel like hitting everyone and making a big deal of everything. I'll be so sensitive and moody at the same time and it'll make me so depressed.
Maybe this is caused by me being so tired, assignments, time etc..
Well I feel bad that, some people that I talk to, find me at the wrong time; Either I won't talk to them (for no apparent reason) or I'll treat them like shit.
Well I think I should seize this day as a day where I'll relax talk and get EVERYTHING out of my system. Drink some smoothies perhaps or maybe play some pool or foosball.
Go out for a drive with some friends of mine. Yea I guess I should do that.

Enough about that, I think I'll be having a great time next next week and I'll make sure that UOX is not a bore. Well I doubt that! :p
I hope my birthday will be a good one. Unlike last year. Pfft so much for a 'best friend' being there for me on my birthday. I wasted a perfectly good day to something that was stupidly selfish.
Well you only turn 18 once right? For the first time, I'm actually scared, somehow. I'm no more a child. The so called 'young one'. Everyone is getting old, and sooner or later you'll have to accept that.
Well, No plans just as yet :)

I guess I'll be singing off. I just needed to let this ALL out of my system.

Toodles :)

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