Sunday, May 24, 2009

Procrastinators are the future

Hello people,
My procrastinating level is pretty darn high up the roof.
I'm supposedly to finish 3 essays, well 2 (individual essay) , colour idioms, colour theory, sketch shit, and jack and jill.
What have I finished 100% ? Jack and Jill ONLY.
I haven't even started on my idioms and sketch thing.
I am dead I tell you. Holidays was pretty okay. Got some new stuff from my sister. Never expected it, but I am truly thankful and pleased. :)
Anyways, I have to pass up ALL of these, next week.
The only thing I planned was my outfit to class tomorrow (wth?)
I'm procrastinating on my essay right now, and I am suddenly having an idea block.
I can't think. My thesis statement is RETARDED for both my essays.
What is wrong with me????
If only I have the power to control everything with my mind. I wouldn't have problems anymore. I've planned everything up here in my noggin but no results.
I shouldn't blog right now, but it's so tempting.
Well I am FORCED to continue doing my essay before the day ends.

Toodles :)

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