Wednesday, June 10, 2009


by : ffffound

It is already June and I haven't been updating at all.
I was supposedly to write about my birthday which was a week plus ago and I can tell you it was THE BEST.
Celebrated with dauz, uswah and kamil. We went to the Dim Mak junkyard sale; it was the SHIZNIKS! Dauz slept over the night before after the whole night out then we got ready and went to KL. We actually got lost and asked the security guard from one of the condominiums.
We FINALLY arrived, it was so packed; we could hardly moved.
Met shitdisco, matt cobrasnake, steve aoki, lapsap; took some pictures and signatures.
and GUESS WHAT, I actually told darren from shitdisco that it was my birthday and at that time I was buying their album. THEN, Darren said "OUH! it's your birthday!" (handed out another album and gave it to me for free) He was the nicest, then he signed it and told me that Tom was outside having a drink. Then I went out to ask for HIS signature and i just handed out the CD's and he said "OUH! Its your birthday love?!" (grabbed me by the shoulder and hugged and kissed my cheeks) then continued by signing both my Cd's and talked a bit with me.
That made my day. ahhaha
I bought quite a number of items: bag, shades, earrings, CD. I think that was it.
We went to BB walked around for hours actually. By the time we came back to the car, the car keys were gone and there was a note from the management on the car.
Then they told us that they had the keys and told us to not do that again, bla bla bla...
Went to dauz's house, chilled for a moment and I went back home.
I was so ecstatic.

Anyways, I have been really busy, assignments, projects, exhibition, family, personal problems.
I haven't been planning time properly. I can feel the pressure slowly coming.
Few days ago, I attended for a wedding last weekend and we slept at the Bukit Merah Resort. I can honestly say, the place sucks. I had above average expectations, but the resort was so run-down. They had no quality and the service was just so-so, Safiya (my niece) tagged along and wanted to swim. So my sister, cousin and I went for a swim in the morning. It was so crowded, you would literally hit people in the pool and the children's pool was so packed.
The water was dirty and I felt quite disgusted. Well... I was wearing a bikini top and surfer shorts while most people there were wearing BIG, FLOWY tee-shirts with track pants. They were staring at me like an eagle. C'est tres bizzare. Well it wasn't just the stare, they were being so disrespectful. They were being so 'jakun' . Well, its not like I'm seeing them anytime soon. I just hate those kind of mentality.
Not just that, The room was so small and the bed sheets and sofa's had stains of I-don't-know-what, and the television was broken.
I would not have ever thought, Bukit Merah Resort was like that.
I would think more than 10 times to go there again. I'm serious.

Well, I have nothing to say for now. My brain is 'blank'.
I can't think of anything.
So, I am signing off...

Toodles :)

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