Sunday, June 21, 2009


Ridiculously I’ve been mad with myself and I think it is just downright stupid. It feels like I’m PMS-ing everyday. It sucks. I’ll get emotional; I realize every detail and point out the mistakes. I hate doing that, but again; I do, do it. I always end up being guilty for the smallest slightest thing. However, ego is another issue. I’m a chick with an ego. Well, everyone has one, you can’t deny, but mine is pretty huge. I do feel like winning, I feel like accusing everyone, I feel like making every small issue into something big PLUS making sure it is not my fault. Damn.. I sound like a bitch. On the other hand, I sustain myself from doing all that, People shouldn’t do that, I shouldn’t do that. I do show it a bit, I know I do; but I guess it’s unnoticeable? I am really sensitive and I cannot control myself. I make everyone’s life difficult. Probably, people can’t bare my melodramatic complaints. Well, in my previous post, I said that I don’t condemn people as much as I did last time, and that’s the truth. However, I complain excessively. From now on, I’ll start being my ‘high-school’ self and prioritize everyone first and putting myself last. It worked last time and made my life easier. I’m not being sarcastic or whatever but I am ACTUALLY being honest here.

This whole post is about reinventing me into a better person. I am still myself, but I just want to be a better person. I won’t change completely. I just feel that, I’m not treating people the way THEY should be treated. Anyways.. I actually thought of colouring my hair red and relaxing it so it’ll lose the ‘frizz’. This is a substitution of piercing my nose. Which I frankly felt like doing, but my mother is against the whole ‘piercing’ frenzy. So I can’t rebel against my mom with this. I respect her decision. Not just that, after my semester finishes, I am going to lose weight. I just need to lose this bulge in my middle section of my body.

Anyhooo, off I go. I need to stop blabbering.

I will write a more ‘meaningful’ post next time.

Toodles :)

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