Saturday, October 24, 2009

24th of October

Today was quite interesting? I woke up early in the morning with shocking news, but I would rather not state it here.
Then I drove to Subang to see my dearest Dauz for breakfast. Walked to Stadium and ate their scrumptious Roti Canai. Then we walked to Melur, our objective was to eat something weird, but ended up eating apam. It sounded weird because it was in Indian and we assumed it was something we've never tried. Nevertheless we still ate the apam. Supposedly to walk back to Tanamera but the parents asked us to get in the car. So we did..
Anyways.. We hung out for a while till 1 then picked yi vonne at Putra Heights then drove to Sunway to meet Rifan, Sherrif and Andrew. After that, showed reza to my house from Rasta, then we went to my house while I changed to my baju kurung. Then, we drove to Jalan Ampang for Aqilah's open house. So you get why I was wearing a baju kurung, BUT I was the only one wearing a baju kurung. -.-
Stayed there till 8 plus then went back to my house. Now everyone has gone back home :)

It was a really tiring day for me today.
Well MY problem is.. Having a sense of jealousy. I don't get myself at all. Of course I won't say anything because its stupid and I'll be wasting my time. I feel sad that, there are people who won't open up with me. There are ways saying things but hiding something is another thing. I do have to learn to adjust and adapt right? Recently I have been talking to most of my guy friends and surprisingly enough. They have accommodated me with nice conversations and good advice. They've been keeping me company like how they would always do. Honestly, I was obligated enough to back away from them because I was scared and uncomfortable. Kept thinking with what people would think or Him. Not just that, I felt guilty talking to them because I had someone whom I love. Through experience? I figured out that he doesn't mind and he does the same too. This partially lifted my guilt. Probably. However! I am still confused with this whole situation.

I really want to start on my assignment but it's IMPOSSIBLE! I don't know what to do first. Not just that I feel so lazy. All I want to do now is laze around and rest and SLEEP. Sadly enough, everyone keeps talking about it which makes my guilt even bigger. Start buying materials... Horaay -.-
I shall post my Digital Imaging work when I'm done :)

Okay I shall sign off now.
Toodles :)

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