Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Words from my head

Been super duper busy. I've never hated researching about Greece in my life! I would usually be quite enthusiastic with Greek culture. Anywayysss... Let me update my blog. It has been weeks so I shall write a lil' something for you guys.

Assignments are piling and I can feel the pressure slowly coming up to my brain and butt. Well I have my friends t0 be there for me. :)

Guess what?! My hair is finally red. It is red. Yes people red.
but for you information, it does not look like hayley paramore's hair, or however her name is spelled. I am quite satisfied but I'm not used to it yet. Soon, hopefully.
Not just that, I pierced my ear as well, with Dauz on his birthday.
Accidentally ate tuna and eggs so my ear is really swollen and red.

Recently, I went to Darul's open house and on the way to his house; I got lost in his area. So I stopped beside a house and ask for directions from anyone passing by my car. So this guy passed by all sweaty because of him jogging responded to my help. However, he didn't really help because he didn't know the directions as well. So here was how the conversation went:

Me : Hey, hello :) Do you know where (insert Darul's address) ?

Jogging Guy : Ouh, jalan *** hmmm.. I'm not sure. Probably turn right here * shows direction to the right.

Me : Ouh, alright. Well its ok then. Thanks anyways :)

Jogging guy : Ok. :)

Well that was quite a short and boring conversation but suddenly! When I found Darul's house I parked at the side and walked to his house then the dude passed by the house and waved; I waved back with a half smile. (My mistake)
When I came back, I saw a note that says.

Hello, I'm glad that you found your address. I hope that we can be friends
Here is my number; 017**** please call me or txt me.

Ouh joy. -.-
That dude really has some guts giving a stranger his number.

I realized that, I get so fed up with everything; I just need someone to understand me and be there for me. Rather then, talking about themselves and not giving a craps butt about what happened to me. Not just that, talking about things that are not appropriate to me. Sometimes I can't handle it but just to make everyone feel better; I will of course act like nothing happened. Sometimes I don't understand; do you think whenever you talk? and doesn't it sound unappropriate? I just don't get it. This makes me so frustrated.

Anyways, I watched National Geographic and they talked about the park loosing all the trees and shrubs and what caused it. The answer was the Wolves. In the 1930's they hunted all the wolves and exterminated them until that species of wolves were almost extinct. Then the tree's stopped growing and the shrubs as well. Then they brought wolves from Canada and then finally the tree's and other species started to reappear. That sounded great until the residents near that area started to complain because their sheep's were gone and dead; caused by the wolves. So this is not a win-win situation. It's either you loose or you win. If you're lucky of course.
I am sad that when something good comes out of it; then people start to make it worse by complaining and making that beneficial for them. I hate it when that happens.

I think I should stop here and continue posting something else sooner or later.
So i bid farewell.

Toodles :)

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