Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Questions and questions ..

Hello hello, I just feel like writing something other than doing this folio of mine.
I know that as the years pass you will lose friends and gain friends. Just thinking about it makes me sad. I have some older friends that still stick close by me until now and haven't separated since. However there are some that I'm quite disappointed off and totally lost contact and act as if we have never existed. I might admit, I don't make calls or invite for a drink but they don't do that too. I don't want to be the only person doing everything. It sucks when you realize all of this happening. Thinking of all the good days and all the days of hanging out. It's like they totally forgot who you are back in the days of being close. I just miss all that.

Anyways, doing all this Islamic notes made me thinking. When my Ustazah is teaching me in class there are some things which I question. I don't want to create any havoc, I am curious myself actually. When she says woman's voices are like Aurat, we cannot sing in public. Even though, if it is a Nasyid. That means we can't even sing to praise to Allah. Am I right? Praising Allah to the public may mean that you are spreading islam to everyone. That doesn't sound bad does it? She says its a sin. Okay fine, but what is she doing? She is teaching the public isn't she? She is teaching Islam and she is a woman. So both doesn't add up. I am here confused and dumbfounded. Not jst that, I didn't know that making sculptures was a sin? My uncle is highly religious and he makes the best sculptures. It says that, it resembels god's creation and it is like making similarities with your capabilities with god. Sometimes some people don't have the intentions of questioning god's creation, sometimes they just like making something as a piece of artwork for other people to see their craftmanship. I know that Allah understands. I just don't get it and I didn't know. I'm just curious with question marks all over my head.

I should continue doing my work.

Toodles :)

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