Sunday, September 13, 2009

Messed up plan

Morning everyone.
As of today, this whole week would be hectic and stressful because of the amount of assignments I need to pass up by next week. I still have the print making which was not done last night. I couldn't find thinner and shalack. I'm not really sure with the spelling. Anyways, due to my stress I need my support system which is bailing out on me. I can't handle this situation really well by myself. I know I'll get over emotional and I won't be as hyper as before. Probably later this evening, I think I want to go to the park, release some tension in my body. Saying all this won't make anyone care, so why do I bother writing all of this? Anyways, I haven't done my english report, islamic studies folio, mood board, principle box, and print making. Damn. I think I should start on my english report now, it is due tomorrow. I really need someone now to make me feel better. :(


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