Thursday, September 3, 2009


Good evening/night?
Well, almost the whole class went an watched Final Destination 3d. Creepy and freaky and gory. Nothing special about the movie except the whole 3d effect. I mean, everyone died at the end, but there was one part in the movie, they were watching another 3d movie and ended up dying because somehow right behind the screen was this room and it exploded all of a sudden. So, almost all of us were paranoid and had images in our heads that the explosion will happen.

After the movie, Lawrence, Dadoo and I walked around Sunway Piramid and Lawrence suddenly felt a chill and felt something wet touching his finger. God forbid what kind of liquid sprayed on Lawrences fingers. Anyways, he told us and he crapped about the water is the cause of our death (in a joking manner) then ironically, we passed through the toilet then beside the toilet was a swimming attire shop. We were freaked out a bit and laughed all the way. All of us were paranoid after the movie, but it's slowly fading away. See how movies influence your thoughts and imagination.

Well, I'll have to sleep soon and read my Archie comic.

Toodles :)

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