Monday, October 19, 2009

What happened?

Hello there.

I have come to realize that most guys or boys have the same ol' tactics.
Get to know the girl, be friendly to them, ask the girls questions (if they were fine, what they were doing, what are their interests, what do you hate, personal background) the girl would be the most important being in the planet and the most special too , then when they finally get the girl; everything seems to disappear and the girls would have to be accommodating or be forced to give full attention to the guys. That is when the ego comes and everything is a mess because the girls ego would rise as well. This causes fights and arguments. Sometimes when I think, it's a pity that guys or girls don't keep that constant attention or affection; the feeling of wanting that person so badly. Maybe increasing a bit but keeping it constant and fresh. That is the reason why they fall for that certain someone..

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