Thursday, August 13, 2009


I watched 3 movie's this August.
but I liked Conversation with Other Women.

It's about this old lovers and 'ironically' they met at a wedding. At the beginning, they looked like strangers wanting a one night stand, but then after a few more minutes, you finally get that they knew each other 10 years ago. I liked the way the movie was shot. It was 2 different shots side by side, relating to each other somehow. At the end, it connected. So that means, the whole 1 hour plus, has 2 different shots side by side. It was mainly shot in the hotel. Focusing just the two of them. Both loved each other deeply because of their past history but both of them moved on, and has a husband with 2 children which is actually his and he has a girlfriend. They did take it to the next level during the night but that did not decide them to stay together. At the end, they split up eventually. It was a one day shot.
I liked it somehow. The sarcasm, the jokes was entertaining.

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