Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hair People

Hello there,
I actually have loads to write about, but I remember only 50% of it.
Anyways, recently I've been going to this salon called cuckoo? (If I'm not mistaken) quite often.
Meaning twice in 2 weeks? but of course I washed my hair once and the other trip was to follow my friend cut her NEW & AWESOME haircut :)
I stumbled upon a hair washer, and talked to him. However, it felt like an unprofessional and an uncomfortable vibe. The first trip was fine, felt very I'm-talking-to-a-hair-washer-vibe. Then the other trip was a biiiit fishy. Let me re-play the conversation

(After saying Hello and asking how we were)
Hair Washer said: Kenapa tak nak cuci rambut?
Liyana said: Tak de duit la, my mom gave me only Rm50 for this WHOLE week for everything.
Hair Washer said: Alaaah, boleh pinjam duit from me maa.
Liyana said: What?! Buat apa. *With a shocked face
Hair Washer said: Kenapa mak kamu tak nak pinjam dari Ah Long?
**I merely said, I don't trust an Ah Long
Liyana said: Tak Nak lah
** Before I wanted to say I didn't trust an Ah Long
Hair Washer said: Saya Ah Long maa, boleh pinjam dari saya. Boleh pinjam Rm 50 sekarang?
Liyana said: tak pe tak pe tak pe.
**Then I tried to ignore him due to feeling of uncomfortable -ness from the whole situation

After a few days, we bumped into him at Chanai at SS15. I didn't want to be rude, so I smiled and waved at him.

Yi vonne and I were eating and talking. Then he interupted us by asking both of us if we could go out to a club with him that night. My answer, without a doubt was a NO. I said no a couple of times, but he kept asking me again and again. I gave him so many excuses, but somehow he was stubborn. Then he said, if anything I'll contact you. At that time, I didn't remember giving him my phone number or e-mail and I was sure about it. Then I forgot, I signed up the registration form to get discounts whenever I want to cut or wash my hair. Plus, my address was there too. Damn.. :S

To top it off, I told My boyfriend. Mr. Dauz the whole thing and he is pissed. He wants to burn the salon. Which I find it cute. :)

PS: I'm not trying to be so 'bangga' right now. I know How you feel okay?? and mine is triple gazzillion worse than yours.

The only reason why I wrote this was that, if you work for the salon, sometimes its best if you keep it as a client relationship. I don't feel that it is professional to ask girls out to a club and you don't even KNOW them. It doesn't really show a good side of you. In a way. Well, I don't like it. It feels extremely bizzare for me.
-Don't compare Jessica Simpson and her hairdresser. That's different.

I wanted to write more, but it seems that this post is really long. I think I'll write it on my next blog post. Soo...

Toodles :)

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