Saturday, August 22, 2009


What up homies?! XD
Today is the 1st day of bulan Ramadhan, and I shall utilize this day to the fullest. Hopefully. Well this past few days wasn't that 'great' but I feel better now. My assignments are slowly piling up and I am procrastinating by the day and I think I have gold fish disease. Anyways, yesterday I went to college and we were studying Islamic Studies, I wore my baju kurung because Darul was wearing his baju melayu then since it was the last day before puasa starts I thought of eating a lot but I failed. haaha
I went to the cafe near block B then by 11.30 I went to fetch Dauz and he was wearing baju melayu too, ironically. While waiting for Dauz, Shaira saw me first and it had been months since my last meet up with her. Missed hanging out. I went to Subang Parade, supposedly to eat but ended up drinking Oreo Shake. Met Reena, Yi-vonne, Gordon and Renna's friends at secret recipe. We went back to Dauz's house by 2 then we hung out, I learned Boston on his keyboard then played a few songs then we watched Almost famous.
That night, I went to Shaira's Aunties House for a dinner/ farewell dinner for Adel. Talked to Shaira and while watching I survived a Japanese TV Show on 8TV; I slept.

That's it really, quite boring.
Shall write something more interesting next time.
Well, a few more hours to
buka puasa. My first day of fasting D.O.N.E :)

Toodles :)

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