Friday, August 14, 2009

Decisions decisions

Hey people,
excited for tomorrow? I bet some of you guys are and I am talking about Mtv World Stage. I was surprised at the last minute, miracles started to happen. My cousin offered free tickets and my friend Daryoosh had extra tickets which was about Rm150 and Ezreena wanted to give her ticket too. Sadly to say, I turned all of them down. I had a few reasons.
Numero Uno : The line will be extremely long and I would have to wait there for a few hours to get in. Second : It will be very packed and I wouldn't be able to breath. Trois : I bet there will be sick people somewhere in the crowd. Fourth : I want to watch Kasabian ONLY; so it's as good as wasting my time there. Fifth : I have other plans that might or might NOT happen. So to make my life easier, I decided to not go. Hopefully, I won't regret this decision I made.

My brain is malfunctioning and it is not working that well. Stupid typo. I am out of ideas. Most of the pages are the same images composed at different corners or angles.

My new neighbour whom is living right behind my house, has a dog. A cute one actually, but they're not taking of him/her that well. It barks every time and when it rains, it'll be soaking wet and it'll bark even more. Not just that, they chain him/her, even though the dog is at the back. No freedom at all. I pity the dog, if only I can help. :(

I miss my dad :(

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