Monday, August 31, 2009

Past and Future

I went shopping with my family. Crazy I might say, but worth a buy. I am satisfied. Well, 80%
I just need those jeans and jacket. :)

Anyways, this has been running through my mind for months and months. I respect those whom are in a relationship but work out and be just fine with each other. I am saying as in, they act the same way as when they first saw each other. I regret making mistakes but I just miss everything. That glow and spark we had. Can old flames rekindle once it is blown out? I hope so. I love him more than I can imagine, I have done so many things with him and it has been great because I love spending time with him every time. I know there will be time where we'll argue and disagree with most things, but I remember us being juts fine. I thought of, why? How? I feel stupid because some thing can just happen so quickly and I wouldn't know how to react. I can say that both of us changed and some of it isn't a good change. Both of us realized that because that was what made us fight. It's because of the change. I hate change, I think we should have maintained the way we were and never changed. I'm saying change too much already. -.-
I wish I could turn back time OR forward time so we can be happy together.I want that beat in my heart beating 80km/h or my face turning red or my feet not touching the ground. Is it because I'm too comfortable with him? I do feel those, but not all the time. Hopefully, after both of us aren't occupied with our studies, we can be like the way we were. I'm just saying that I miss that so much. I even miss him right now. I am even thinking of me being really needy and selfish at this moment. Why do I even think all this?

This post was a bit too touchy. I don't know, stress has gotten me in my head I guess.
I want to sleep soon. Soo


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