Friday, August 7, 2009

My thoughts at 7.16pm

Hey there,
I remembered those cam-whoring days. I still do that, but occasionally. I did that quite often actually. Every minor thing that I did, I MUST take a picture of myself. How vain can I get. No offense to anyone out there. To think of it, I rarely use the camera. I seem to be more lazy by the minute.

I can't control the need of being pessimistic and thinking everything will turn wrong and will go against me. Although some of those things are direct and true, I still overreact or get emotional too fast. Even that, I still need the comfort from my loved ones and respect. Understand how I am. Its hard to not think about it. I can forget about it for a week or so, but it'll come back. As what my mom said "The girls in our family are strong and dominant, and we can go through any obstacles". Well I hope that's true.

This August, my friends and I are planning on a day trip to Perak. Probably go to Kellie's Castle. They say its haunted and I am bringing my camera, that's for sure! The trip will probably be on the 20th. AND on the 29th of August.

We are going shopping! I am buying lots of items. Can't wait! Thank god its near my college.
We'll go there after digital imaging :D

Today, we didn't have class, due to the absence of my ustazah or ustaz. I am not sure, because they have never attended to any classes. Anyways, I ate a lot today. Yi vonne, Reena, Yi vonnes friends, their respective boyfriends and me ate at papa rich. It was expensive like hell. After that, Reena followed me to Pyramid to buy some things for Dauz. We sat at McD and ordered 2 milkshakes. Made the packet in 30min plus decorating and putting the things in. I bought voodoo beaded necklace with a 'sort of' matching earing that he did not have. Let's say it was a start over again gift. Went to his house and gave him the packet. Then, I went back at 5.

I guess I need a rest, and I need to sleep early today. I have to wake up early in the morning so that, I get a good computer seat tomorrow for digital imaging.

Toodles :)

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