Friday, August 28, 2009

Glorious Friday

Evening peeps!
August is ending soon and I had a load of dramatic episodes this whole month.
Anyways, I learned from it and I'll change whatever needs to be changed.

I realized, after not servicing my car and it is overdue; it is making weird noises and the speaker is sort of broken. I need to take care of that car. I've been leaving it and it is dirty, but I have to find a long hose though..

After my Islamic studies, I thought of wasting time but ended up making myself even more bored. I went to the library with naqib, intending to use the computer then after an hour he went out so he left me alone. At that moment, I had never felt that foreign in my college ever. There was this one group beside me, talking so loud and i think they were international students? I felt so uncomfortable and awkward , but to think of it; one of the group member was a tad bit too close to my chair and placing his hands at my table. Felt like pushing his hand down. Anyhoo, I went to the locker to get my bag then I forgot I left my sketchbook under the table. Went back to the computer lab with my gigantic bag and accidentally hit the computer down and it fell. The room was suddenly quiet as if you could hear a pin needle drop. I was and am beyond embarrassed and I said sorry too much but he didn't respond. I tried to walk as fast as I could after that incident. Hated the whole situation.
I think I embarrass myself too much.

I think my hormones are excessively flooding in my system. I feel : insecure, uncomfortable, emotional, tired, sweaty and fat. Darn these feelings. Imagine if I'm pregnant, I think it'll be gazillion as worse. Well, I just watched Labour pains and it is hilarious but quite cliche at some point. So I suddenly thought of pregnancy. I don't think i'll be ready even if i'm 30! or not, i'm not sure.

OUH yeah! You should watch this show. Darul had introduced me too. It is called.....
Salad Fingers!
Its really creepy and funny. Well you be the judge of it. There are 8 episodes all together.
So this is episode 1.

Well signing off!

Toodles :)

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