Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today was quite okay?
I came to college around 10 plus and met ezreena at the library, saw her doing her so called 'three' ducks. Then we walked around. We tried finding the student lounge, we failed AT FIRST. Then, we managed to find it. They have a piano, a guitar, a foosball table and a tv with a few chairs and sofas. Cool ain't it. Played the guitar, but forgot all the songs, except one. ahaha.
Learned a new song from ezreena on the piano and tried a few songs that I remembered. Then played foosball. That will be the first and last time this month. Unless someone wants to pay for it of course ;)
I am in a 'saving' mode. I have been spending a lot, but Saturday is not an option to not spend :p we had class and my work was approved by Mr. Ken. Went back home then Voila! I am blogging now.

It has been 3 days? Mtv World Stage has ended and people are still talking about it. Well it must have been great. I do regret not going because I had the greatest opportunity that was in front of my stupid face, but I did not take full advantage of it. Sigh... Kasabian performed. KASABIAN performed. I seriously hope that they will come again. PLEASE! I have that feeling of, in-your-face-i-went-to-MTV-and-you-didn't. I feel like punching their faces. I sound like I need anger management, I do feel envious, but what can I do? It passed and I missed the whole event. Pity pity.

Well, so far I used twitter and reading twitter from celebrities are quite fascinating. I don't know, it is slowly growing on me. Well, it is similar to updating your status on facebook with a little twist. Ya'know?
Anyways, I thought of so many things to write but I still can't remember it until now.
I need to get rid of this gold fish memory.

Toodles :)

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