Sunday, August 23, 2009


Good Morning :)
I am really shocked with the amount of people reading my blog. I am really happy though. :)
I remembered making sure everyone didn't know my blog existed but then my friends found it somehow and linked me. So I accepted the fact to make posts and knowing that people from any country would read it. Anyways, I am happy it reached to a few thousand! Double Triple Gazillion SHOCK! :O
So thank you :)

Anyways, I just finished my Typography assignment and its about making a nursery rhyme book. This may sound easy, but it isn't. Anyhoo, due to researching for the cutest nursery rhyme, I have realized that most nursery rhymes are just WHACK. For instance, rock-a-bye-baby. If you read it carefully, the baby is in the cradle and at the end the cradle fell from a tree and the cradle broke. So conclusion? The baby died. Okay, another example, Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! The giant wants the break the Englishmen bones to make his bread. How freaky is that?! Little Miss Muffet is really teaching children to be scared of spiders. One more, Three blind mice, the lady practically cut off the rats tail with a knife.
So from now on, I don't think i'll be singing these songs to my children.

It's almost a week since puasa started, so far so good. No misses, YET. However, this is helping me change myself back to what I was and making me be a better person.
This saturday is the lelong lelong bazaar, I shall go there with Dauz and I am ready to shop for new items for my closet :)

I feel like picking up where I left off. Probably, start playing the guitar again and the piano. Using the dslr more often, start speaking french more often again, be more passionate with my work, start dressing up a bit, take care of myself. I should I should.
What do you think?

Well that is the end of my post.
Toodles :)

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